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Ramadan Gift Ideas In UK: The Perfect Items To Gift

Gift For Friends

Most Muslims try to celebrate Ramadan with all their family members and friends. They celebrate Ramadan and eid in very different ways. But exchanging gifts is the most famous gesture to celebrate this blessed month. There are a lot of Ramadan gift ideas when it comes to shopping in the UK. 

The Recipient

There is a saying by Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Exchanging gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love for one another.”[Al-Bukhari]

Muslims can exchange gifts with anyone. Anyone can give a gift, from a little child to an elder, to let feel the other person’s uniqueness. Also, you can give gifts as a form of charity to make an unknown person’s day. 

Special Gifts

Nowadays, personalised gifts are a trend to make your receiver emotional. It significantly impacts the person who receives the gift and makes things more memorable. Also, writing a note can make the person more special. 

Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in beautiful paper or decorating them can make something more unique and eye-catching.  

Popular Ramadan Gift Ideas

Some unique Ramadan gift ideas can help make a gift list. The ideas are- 

  • Gift Baskets 

These are well-known options for gifts. People usually pick or customise a gift basket while visiting anyone’s house or on special occasions. 

  • Giving Money ‘Eidi’ 

This is an old tradition that happens every year. The elders give some money as ‘Eidi’ or a token of love to their children or adults. 

  • Gift Cards 

To celebrate the joy of Ramadan, people can give each other a card as a symbol of celebration. Also can provide a Ramadan duas list which contains 30 days of dua. 

  • Gadgets 
  • Digital Accessories, 
  • Electronics Items,
  • Video Streaming Subscriptions,
  • Spiritual Items like the Quran, prayer mat, and Hadith.  
  • Home Decorations items like wall art, lights, table cloth, and decor items. 
  • Grooming Products like makeup and skin care products.

Creative Ways To Make Ramadan Special

Ramadan is the month of blessing. There are many ways to be creative to make Ramadan time memorable. But here are some ideas that can make things more special:

  • Host An Iftar Party

Opening an iftar with all other Muslims is like a blessing during Ramadan. It also helps to build social bonds and make Ramadan more special. 

  • Lets Donate Online

Making people smile is one of the good deeds a person can do. While it is Ramadan time, many ways exist to make others happy. For example- Donating Zakat Online can be a way to show someone they can also enjoy the positivity of Ramadan. 

  • Make Your Iftar Table Unique

Muslims usually prefer their regular life routine to open their iftar. But mothers of a family always bring some tasty or new item on the table. That makes the Ramadan iftar table more special. 

  • Decorate Your Home

The Quran says, “Truly, Allah (SWT) loves those who turn to Him constantly, and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.”[Surah Al-Baqarah] So, making your house clean and tidy is a basic rule for a Muslim. And making your home look good also makes your mind peaceful. 

  • Pray Together

Praying is a peaceful thing for any Muslim. In Ramadan, Muslims can arrange various ways to pray to Allah (SWT) by being one. 

  • Spiritual Energy

Ramadan gives us a huge chance to refresh our contact with Allah (SWT). This month, the devil can act less than in the other eleven months of the year. People also follow the path of Islam along with their other daily routines. 

  • Family Time

Family is the base of a person’s life. But running with time in this busy world, we must remember our ground. During Ramadan, Muslims can take a break and come closer to their family. 

  • Inspiring With Storytelling

If you go for a search, there are many inspiring stories you can find out to improve yourself. In Ramadan, a Muslim can arrange a storytelling night to tell people Islamic stories. 

Ramadan For Kids

Ramadan is a time of celebration for everyone. Specifically, kids get more excited in the time of Ramadan. Some ideas can make Ramadan more beautiful for them. 

  • Give them any work to do. It can be setting the table or pouring water for all. 
  • Bring gifts for them. Nothing else than a gift makes a kid feel good. Gifting them something related to Islam will make them happy and cheerful during Ramadan. 
  • Give them some lessons on etiquette. In Islam, there are a lot of rules that Muslims must maintain during their daily routine. At this time, kids will appreciate learning etiquette like salam exchanging, which will help them grow up. 

Celebrate Ramadan With Gifts

Ramadan is a month of celebration. People celebrate the whole month full of energy and positive feelings. But they also have to fulfil the duties of being a Muslim. 

After all this, there comes an exciting part of Ramadan month is exchanging gifts with others. But for gifting to others, a Muslim has to think about things. They should also consider the following things for their benefit:

Making A Budget

When you have to go shopping, taking some steps to organise can make things easier. Creating a budget is part of it. Finding a perfect gift will be more convenient if you make some budget sections by age or person.

DIY Gifts

DIY means do it yourself. It is one of the most trendy ways to customise your gift. You can also do some DIY projects to feel special. But it can be more time-consuming than buying or selecting a gift. 

Decorate Your Houses

Decorate your houses with lights to welcome the month of blessing. There are so many ideas on how to decorate your home. You can use wall art and lamps, change the curtains and give the house a new look. 

Positive Mindset

Ramadan is when Muslims get devoted to their Islamic paths from other times. People read the Quran, pray their regular prayers, and are involved in donations. This helps to set a peaceful mind and stay more focused. 

Time Table

This month’s timetable is essential in Ramadan to conform to the timing. Suhoor or iftar or the prayers, everything has to be on time. It will be easier to pass the Ramadan month by managing a proper timetable. For that, a Muslim can use a Ramadan calendar to balance all schedules. 

Making Unknown People Smile

Making people smile and receive a pure blessing is also a part of Ramadan. Due to Ramadan, Muslims have to participate in donation work like Donate Zakat Online. People can use online donations or go person by person to give their share. This little donation can make a massive difference during the time of Ramadan. 


Q 1:What Types Of Gifts Should You Give For Ramadan? 

Ans: Gifts can not be selected randomly. It varies depending on the receiver’s personality. But there are some standard gift options for Ramadan, such as Quran and prayer mat. 

Q 2:How Can You Make Ramadan Special For Your Family And Friends? 

Ans: To make Ramadan memorable for my family and friends, a person can arrange an iftar party or buy them gifts. 

Q 3: How Do You Make Ramadan Meaningful For Your Kids? 

Ans: Kids are most excited during Ramadan time. Teaching them about the Quran and Muslim duties can make them more eager to know about Ramadan.

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