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Unique Ramadan Gift Ideas In MATW USA: 10 Meaningful Gifts Ideas

“Ramadan is not only about fasting, 

but also sharing and spreading love through gift and kindness.”

Ramadan is the month of blessing. It is also time to give and share. This is the month of happiness too. Giving gifts is not mandatory during Ramadan but is a lovely way to build relationships, friendships, and bonds.

Here is a list of thoughtful Ramadan gift ideas and suggestions to bless your loved ones! In MATW USA.

Significance Of Ramadan

Ramadan is a high spirit for Muslims. Every year, as the holy month comes closer, Muslims worldwide look forward to the opportunity to fast. As said by the Prophet (PBUH): 

“Fasting is a shield. So the person fasting should avoid obscene speech and not behave foolishly and ignorantly, and if somebody fights with him or insults him, he should tell him twice, ‘I am fasting.” [Sahih al-Bukhari,1894]

This is the month of self-purification. We should work on it. 

A History Of Ramadan

Before we start, we have to know Ramadan’s history and go back to the beginning, 610 A.D. This was when the holy Quran was revealed to our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Ramadan starts in 624 CE. Angel Jibril said these words came directly from Allah (SWT) and said, “He is the only Allah (SWT).” During this time in Arabia, it was common for people to worship different Allah (SWT)s, then the angel told Muhammad (PBUH) that Allah (SWT) was the only one, all-knowing, true Allah (SWT).

Celebrations During Ramadan

Ramadan is a blessed month for all Muslims around the world. People celebrate every year as a holy month for Muslims. You can also change your habit or improve yourself during Ramadan.

  • Fasting for Ramadan
  • Eating during Ramadan
  • Working on self-improvement
  • Enjoying Eid-Ul-Fitr

Ramadan Gift Ideas For Muslims

Well, spreading smiles and blessings worldwide during Ramadan is high time. You can share your happiness with family and friends by going through Ramadan gifts.

Some awesome gift ideas at the time of Ramadan-

  • Halal gift box.
  • Holy Quran 
  • Wall art
  • New cloths 
  • Halal sweet box

Pocket Sejadah (prayer mat )

  • Dates gift box. 
  • Oud fragrance. and
  • Scented candles set

Here are more gift ideas for you-

Islamic Art

The best Islamic gifts are always beneficial to the receiver. Islamic art is one of them. Well-decorated Islamic art is the best gift you can share with family and friends.

A Hifz Gift Card

A Hifz gift card is a simple and common way to celebrate Ramadan. This beautiful Quran completion print makes the perfect gift for anyone.

Islamic Jewelry

This is the best gift for Muslim women. You can give it to your wife, sister, and mother. Islam didn’t allow the wearing of jewelry for men. A Muslim woman can wear anything she wants.

The Quran

This is the most unique, authentic gift for Muslims. This is the holy book of Islam. It also shows the right path.

Islamic Clothing 

You can give Traditional dress to Muslims. The tradition for men is to cover the head of the area and twist the knees. Besides, women must cover the entire body from the ankle to the neck.


Books are knowledge, and knowledge is power. It must be a good gift idea for anyone.

Donate Zakat Online

Zakat is an essential pillar of Islam. This is compulsory in Islam. As per the rules of Islam, adult Muslims who have a certain amount (Nisab) have to pay 2.5% of the wealth of zakat.

In the USA, online zakat donation is beneficial because there is always a gathering of people around the city. It is hard to find eligible people for donations or zakat. So, people in the USA donate online to charities and orphans.

Ramadan Gift Ideas For Non-Muslims

Ramadan gifts are meant to express affection for one another. Muslims always show hospitality toward their neighbors. Here are some gift ideas for non-muslim friends and neighbors. 

Books On Islam

Firstly, when you give gifts, it doesn’t matter about religion. You can gift Islamic books to your non-Muslim friends. Who doesn’t like books? Everyone likes books.

Islamic Art 

Well, Islamic art is a beautiful gift for everyone except it. So, you can give it to your non-muslim neighbor.

A Prayer Rug

A prayer rug can be the best eid or Ramadan gift for anyone. There are lots of beautiful prayer rugs or mats on the market. You can give it to anyone, and they will like it.

Islamic Clothing

You can gift your traditional cloth to your non-muslim friends. Because everyone likes Muslim dress the way they wear it.

A Gift Card To A Halal Restaurant 

Moreover, you can send a gift card for a launch and dinner to the halal restaurant. However, they will love it.

DIY Ramadan Gift Ideas

DIY means (do it yourself). Ramadan gift ideas are one of the most popular rituals worldwide. Many people use DIY projects to surprise the person receiving the gifts. For example- you can write a note with your gift item.

Ramadan Lanterns

Ramadan lanterns mean light. Historical meaning “light of the world, light for the darkness, and symbol of hope.”

Crafts For Kids 

You can make a skillful craft for kids. They will love it, an activity that makes things skillfully with your hand.

Decorative Plates

You can give excellent Turkish decorated plates carrying symbols of many things of Islam.

Date Desserts 

You can make different kinds of date desserts with your hand. Besides, you can give it to your family and friends.

Ramadan Cards 

Ramadan is the thing when you can express your feelings through cards. And you can select your design and color also. 

How To Shop For A Ramadan Gift

When you receive a gift from someone, it should not be measured by its value. But while shopping for Ramadan, most Muslims have to buy gifts for all the family or others.

Know Your Audience

First, you must know your audience to whom you should want to buy gifts from the shop during Ramadan. Please make a list of it.

Consider Your Budget

You can shop for everyone with the consideration of your budget. When you know about your audience and budget, then you can easily contribute to all.

Plan Ahead

You must have a plan for the Ramadan gift; if you still need to prepare, you can make a plan. 

Then go ahead with your plan. 

Look For Quality

Always look for good quality. Because when you want to give something to someone, they will not judge your price as they will look for the quality. 

Shop Around

Well, before you start shopping, you can look around. Which shop has a quality product under your budget? You only know once you are going to shop around on your own.


What Are Common Ramadan Gifts?

  • Common gifts are Dates, gift boxes, food, and perfume.

How Can I Make A Ramadan Gift Myself? 

  • Picture,
  • Wall art,
  • Room decoration, 
  • Jewelry,
  • Basket of chocolate and gifts

What Are Some Unique Ramadan Gift Ideas?

  • Islamic Books
  • Sweets & Confectionery
  • Prayer Mats
  • Wooden Fruit Basket With Personalized Message
  • Fragrances

In Conclusion

“A gift is given with love and kindness during Ramadan,

it’s a beautiful way to spread love and of this holy month.”

Gifting is a way of sharing happiness with others. Ramadan gift ideas are a part of planning for giving gifts. In Ramadan, gifting to others is shown as a symbol of sharing delight. Ramadan is a month of blessing. All people should spread positivity. 

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