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All About Ramadan Charity: Let’s Join MATW France To Spread Kindness

Ramadan is a month of blessing. Gathering all knowledge about Ramadan is also a great work to do. Being informed All About Ramadan Charity is also a part of Islam. 

Charity stands for the social work a person does by donating food, cloth, water, or a person’s needed things. It is a one-way thing. By donating, the person can gather blessings from the needful person and trust it; their blessing and smiling face will make your day.  

The Month Of Blessing Ramadan

When the month of positivity arrives, no matter which religion you follow, you can feel the change in the air with purity and joy. It stays mostly 29 or 30 days (based on the moon cycle). Muslims have to keep fast (Swam) from sunrise (Suhur) to sunset (Iftar). Keeping fast helps to understand the pain of those who can not afford food. Taking part in Donate to Muslim Charity is a vital thing to do during Ramadan time.

Five Pillar Of Islam

To be a Muslim, a person has to obey the five pillars of Islam. The pillars of Islam are-

  • Faith (Shahada)

This is the first pillar of Islam. In Islam, a Muslim has to believe in Allah (SWT) and obey the path of Islam.

  • Prayer (Salah)

The second pillar of Islam. It is Faraj for a Muslim to act their five-time prayer. They are- Fajr (The morning prayer), Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib (The evening prayer), and Isha.

  • Fasting (Sawm)

The third pillar of Islam. Ramadan is the holiest month. Every Muslim celebrates Ramadan’s joy by fasting for a whole month, from sunrise to sunset. 

  • Alms-giving (Zakat)

It is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is related to Ramadan. Due to Ramadan time a Muslim must participate in Zakat. But there are some conditions to be a part of giving Zakat. 

  • Pilgrimage (Hajj)

The final pillar of Islam. “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said: Whoever performs Hajj with any obscenity Shall return (from Hajj) like a newborn baby.” – Al Bukhari.

In these five pillars, donating or giving Zakat is a step that should come from a person’s heart. Donate to Muslim Charity will bring peace and blessing to the person. 

During Ramadan Donation In France

France is a non-muslim country. But in France, 8-9% of people are Muslim. You can find pure Ramadan spirit in those communities. They celebrate Ramadan in their traditional way. Besides that, more than twelve organizations in France work for needy people. France Muslims can take their help to do their part of charity during Ramadan time.

There are many options to know All About Ramadan Charity in France. Donate Zakat to nearby people in need or take help from online organizations to pay the money and perform their duties. 

During Ramadan, there are various ways to support others. Some of the methods are-

  • By Zakat,
  • Arranging iftar for the people in need,
  • Donating money to a mosque,
  • Help each other in any situation,
  • Donating money to nursing homes or orphans,
  • Contributing money with the help of online organizations. 

Some people can not take part in donating Zakat. However, some people’s financial conditions are not that much great. These are-

  • The poor 
  • The indigent 
  • People in debt
  • The unfree.

Moreover, The recipient must not belong to your immediate family, Like your spouse, children, parents, and grandparents cannot receive your Zakat.


  • Who Is Eligible For Fidya?

If you still need to catch up or are exempt from fasting due to illness, old age, or any other reason which prevents you from making the fasts up later.

  • What Are The Rules Of Sadaqah?

According to Qur’an 2:274, it is better to offer Sadaqah in secret. Sadaqah should not be accompanied by accusing the person given the sadaqah. Sadaqah should be out of pure intentions for Allah (SWT).

  • Who Is Eligible For Zakat?

The recipient must be a person for who Zakat will help. A poor person is someone whose property, above his basic requirements, does not reach the Nisab threshold.

When We Think About Ending Actually, It’s A Beginning

However, you will understand the importance of All About Ramadan Charity and how they can give back and positively impact their communities. Whether you are a Muslim looking to deepen your practice or simply interested in learning more about this vital tradition, this blog will provide valuable insights and inspiration. If you are Muslim or not, participating in Ramadan charity is a great way to support your community and help those in need.

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