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10 Easy and Low-Cost Ways to Donate Food During Ramadan with MATW Middle East

Ramadan Food Donation

Ramadan is a spiritual month of Islam. In this holy month, Ramadan food donations will be essential to charity. Therefore, many Muslim brothers and sisters suffer from food shortages worldwide. Ramadan food donation is for them by which you can help them with food.


Ramadan is the precious month in Islam. It is the month when the Quran comes to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Ramadan starts on the 9th month of the Arabic calendar. Therefore, It is a month of forgiveness, kindness, and mercy. However, you have to fast from sunrise to sunset during this month. 

Benefits Of Ramadan Food Donation

The benefits of food donation can’t be described in words. As humans, we need food to survive. There are many Muslims from around the world who cannot have food. Therefore, you are saving someone’s life with your food charity during Ramadan. However, In Ramadan, you will get 70 times more for one Swab. 

How To Donate Food For Ramadan?

In a search for donating food in the middle east, you can donate food via international charity organisations. However, you must choose a good food drive. You can give Peanut butter, Canned soup, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Canned stew, Canned fish, Canned beans, Pasta (most prefer whole grain), Rice (most prefer brown rice), and dry foods.

Choose A Food Drive

A food drive is a charity program conducted by a group of individuals or a corporation to stock and distribute food to people around the world. Therefore, for choosing a food drive, you should be concerned about that organisation and How fast they will reach those needy people. You should know about their food container and how they maintain their food.

Types Of Food To Donate During Ramadan

Well, you can donate any kind of food. But it is suggested that you should contribute can and dry foods like biscuits, Peanut butter, Canned soup, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, Canned stew, Canned fish, Canned beans, Pasta (most prefer whole grain), Rice (most prefer brown rice), and mixed fruits.

Volunteering for Ramadan Food Donation

Volunteering is an integral part of food donation. Therefore, a volunteer can help arrange resources from different places so they can easily track needy people. Moreover, It is a noble task to help humanity to save this world.

A Definition Of Volunteerism

Volunteerism is a term for human relationships. It describes the people’s need who want to participate in their societies. Volunteer work is indeed challenging for individuals and community well-being.

Volunteering During Ramadan 

Voluntary Ramadan will allow you to get the Swab or reward. We should encourage each other during Ramadan voluntarily. During Ramadan, your innovation in volunteering will help needy people. It will help those unlucky people who need basic things to live.

Funding Ramadan Food Donation

Consider finding a source for food donations during Ramadan. Zakat is one one the five pillars of Islam. Therefore, you can get funding from zakat amount during Ramadan. They are helpless; it’s our responsibility to help them. You can give funds to international charity organisations to help those people.

What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to get capital via campaigns. It involves collecting funds from family members, friends, neighbours, or known persons individuals with whom you have a relationship to collectively put money for funding. Therefore, It is a great way to raise funds for charity.

Applying For Grants

It is crucial to get permission from government officials to collect funding.

Therefore, you need to follow all instructions which have been instructed to get permission.

Soliciting Donations

Suppose you are involved with fundraising during Ramadan. Then you must brief the audience about the situation of those people. You have to share real stories in front of them, which will inspire them to donate during Ramadan.

Ways Ramadan Food Donations?

You can donate food or money to international charities during Ramadan for food. Therefore, you can give your zakat amount to them for food. With your contribution, a poor Muslim will get food to stay alive. Moreover, you will get a Swab for donating food during Ramadan.

Impact Of Ramadan Food Donations

By giving food donations, you will feed some poor, hungry Muslims. However, Zakat is  also a part of five pillars of Islam. Therefore, Giving gifts for food during Ramadan will allow some people to fast during this holy month.

Where Does The Donated Food Go?

Donated food goes directly to Syria, Africa, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, and many more countries where people suffer for food and other basics. 

Water Donation

Many people from around the world are suffering from a pure water shortage. Therefore, they are suffering from water diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio which are life-threatening. Thus, some organisations are helping those people who need a water system.


  • What Is Ramadan Food Donation? 

Ans: Ramadan comes with countless blessings for all Muslims. If you feed hungry and thirsty during Ramadan, you will get Swab. Simply put, the food you donate during Ramadan is called the Ramadan Food Donation.

  • How To Donate Food For Ramadan?

Ans: You can donate monthly food for a family as part of your Sadaqah and Zakat. It will help a whole family through Ramadan. Send your Ramadan Food Donation or charity for needy Muslims to the Best Muslim charity organisation. 

  • What Type Of Food Is Best To Donate?

Ans: Dry beans, canned beans, rolled oats, peanut butter, and canned fruit in juice are good foods to donate.

Final Words From Us

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. Every Muslim prays during this month for forgiveness and mercy. Therefore, You should donate food to poor and helpless people. However, You should give your zakat amount to feed someone hungry during Ramadan in UAE.

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