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Explore Ramadan Donation Opportunities in Canada with MATW Canada

What Is Ramadan, And How Can You Donate During This Time?

Muslims won’t eat or drink from dawn to dusk during Ramadan. This is called fasting. At the age of 14, children are expected to fast. 

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first to reveal Ramadan with the Quran’s help. Lailat Al-Qadr is the night known as ‘The Night of Power’. So help others and Join Ramadan Donation In Canada today.

There are five ways by which you can donate during Ramadan such as: 

  • Zakat
  • Ramadan Iftar donation 
  • Zakat al-Fitr 
  • Ramadan Clothes Donation 
  • Sadaqah

Why Donate During Ramadan?

During this month, all Muslims pray a lot. Again, connect with more friends and family and even start fasting before Ramadan to prepare their bodies.

Ramadan is a month of enormous benefits. Muslims try to donate this month to show humanity to those who need it. 

What Options Are Available For Ramadan Donations? 

There are many ways to give charity and cover up this vital duty as a Muslim.

  1. Give Charity: Money
  2. Give Charity: Volunteering your time
  3. Give Charity: A Smile
  4. Give Charity: Picking something up out of the road
  5. Give Charity: Give Advice
  6. Give Charity: Tasbeeha

Top Charitable Option For Ramadan Donations In Canada

The best charitable option for Ramadan in Canada is MATW. Here, we provide all the goods and services to needy people. If you donate, your duty is completed. Because the rest of the work is done by MATW. 

How Your Contributions Can Make An Impact

Because of human needs and contributions to others, we can make a more pleasing and determined life. In today’s place of work, the contribution is more significant than ever. Whatever you give is helpful to someone who needs it. It can enlarge your soul and different people who badly need it. So come forward, do charity, and make an impact today.

Food Aid

Food aid refers to natural commodities shipped from Canada to where it is most needed. Food assistance is a broader term for natural food items and market-based proceedings that eventually fight hunger and starvation.

Canada is the world’s biggest provider of international food aid, giving more than half of all food aid specified to reduce hunger. They give about four million metric tons of food in a calendar year. As recently performed, Canada’s food aid lines are one of the largest shipping industries worldwide.

Healthcare Access

Canada has a worldwide healthcare system funded through taxes. You can apply for public health insurance as a citizen or permanent resident. So if you donate through MATW, we give healthcare support to those who need it most.

Education Programs

Your donation can help others to educate themselves. Through MATW, we provide them with their educational expenses as much as we can. During Ramadan time, we give a lot of support to kids especially. By this, they can bear their educational costs.

Volunteer During Ramadan To Make A Difference 

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims worldwide help others, as do volunteers in the Canadian cities of Ottawa, Quebec, and Montreal. In 2023, Ramadan occurs between March 23 and April 21. The International Development and Relief Foundation has arranged volunteers to support the people who need it. They provide hygiene kits, hot meals, and emergency food boxes.

What Opportunities Are Available?

Volunteering with MATW allows you to work with high-potential education NGOs in Canada. You can alleviate effective organisations to deliver high-quality education programs on the ground. 

The volunteers have met with a lot of success in the development sector, many of them going on to work with creative organisations in the social business space, including our network.

Suppose you’re interested in a career in the development sector, learning how education works at a ground level, or simply investigating a new world while gathering with encouraging people from around the world; MATW provides a platform to find out what you are efficient at.

What Skills Can You Offer?

  • What are you passionate about

Suppose you have a passion for working as a volunteer. In that case, you will be much more delighted to know we provide the best opportunities through MATW.

  • What are you good at

Ask yourself what you are good at, like helping others by yourself or helping through online platforms like managing databases or checking whether your relief is timely.

  • Search for opportunities

Great – now you’ve found your place, you must find the perfect match for your skills and availability.

What Are the Benefits Of Volunteering? 

Volunteering provides many benefits, like mental and physical health.

  • Volunteering can help boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction.
  • Volunteering conflicts with desolation
  • Volunteering enables you to stay physically healthy.


After Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the holiday of Eid-al-Fitr. It begins with the Eid prayer. Muslims break their long last fasting and celebrate together. They believe that Ramadan teaches them to practise self-discipline, composure, surrender, and affinity for those who are less blessed, thus promising actions of kindness and mandatory charity.

Muslims share their food, time, love, and honour with poor and needy people during Ramadan more than any time of the year.

Doing good work or giving zakat during the holy month of Ramadan, particularly during this month’s final ten days, when Muslims believe Allah (SWT) exposed the text of the Quran to the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

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