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The Month Of Blessing 

Ramadan is known as the month of blessing. When this month arrives, no matter which religion you follow, you can feel the change in the air with purity and joy. Ramadan is the month of positivity for all Muslims. It stays mostly 29 or 30 days (based on the moon cycle). 

Muslims have to keep fast (swam) from sunrise (Suhur) to sunset (iftar). Keeping fast helps to understand the pain of those who can not afford food. Ramadan donation in France taught us the lesson of sharing with others and caring for people.

The Islamic Way To Donate

In the month of Ramadan, besides praying and fasting, there are some more duties that a Muslim has to obey. A Muslim must follow five Islam pillars to be a ‘Mumin.’ Zakat is the third pillar of Islam. This is when Muslims share a percentage of their wealth with people in need. Giving Zakat during Ramadan brings extra blessings or Swab to the giver. 

Zakat-Al-Fitr should be given before the end of Ramadan so the people who will receive that can also celebrate Eid’s happiness.

There is another way named Fidya which is also a method of donation but will be eligible for a Muslim if he can not keep a fast due to any illness or emergency.

Some Of The Eligible People   

  • Al-Fuqara’ means poor people,
  • Al- Masakin means a person who remains hungry and doesn’t have food,
  • Amil means those who are eligible to collect Zakat. 

These are some of the kinds of people who are eligible to take Zakat. 

Who Can Give Donation

There are two stages of a person’s financial background. There is a kind where people lead a wealthy life. Also, there is another kind where people suffer from starvation. 

Ramadan is a month when people can feel the pain of hunger. That Muslims try to donate on Ramadan more than other times. In Islamic rule, there is some specific option to donate. They are- Zakat,Sadka,Fidya. For Ramadan, Zakat is a mandatory duty to follow. 

But there is some condition in Islam to be eligible to give Zakat.

A Muslim can pay Zakat when one holds 2.5% of the wealth above the Nisab. Nisab is calculated as equal to 85 grams of 24k gold, the minimum wealth one must have before being eligible to give Zakat.

A donation can be paid as a form of money. But any other kind of donation, like giving money for building a mosque or distributing iftar, will not be part of Zakat. A Muslim can Donate food to the Poor People during Ramadan. 

Donations During Ramadan In France

France is a non-muslim country. But In France, 8 to 9% of people are Muslim as it is a tourist-based country. For this, there is always a gathering of people around the city. In between them, it is hard to find eligible people for donations or Zakat. So in France, Muslims use online donation services to provide their part of Zakat to any needful person. In Islam, they are known as ‘Amils’ who collect the money and offer it to those who need it. 

More than ten trusted organizations in France have done this work for years. They collect the money and distribute it quality to the people in need. 

Impact Of Donation

There is a saying- ‘Charitable men and charitable women, who have loaned Allah (SWT) a good loan—it will be multiplied for them, and it is a generous reward.’ (Surah al-Hadid, 18).

Donation is beneficial for both the giver and the recipient. In Ramadan, it is mandatory to participate in Zakat. This month’s donation is a form of gifting or sharing with others. Donating a certain amount of money can make a family smile and slightly change their life. Also, it will purify the money you have. 

Kind Of Donation

A person can do charity whenever they want. But Ramazan is a particular time when donating is a great thing. Without Zakat, there are different ways of presenting during or after Ramadan. They are-

  • Food Donations,
  • Donate a Quran,
  • Clothes donation,
  • Contributing to the mosque,
  • Donating to orphans.


Q 1. What Is The Requirement For Being Eligible For Zakat?

Ans 1: Zakat is payable when your wealth holds above 2.5% over Nisab.

Q 2. Is Zakat Necessary?

Ans 2: Yes. Zakat is a necessary duty of Islam.

Q 3. Why Is Ramadan Observed?

Ans 3: The Holy Quran was believed to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during Ramadan, making it the holiest month for Muslims.

In The Last

Ramadan is a month when Muslims love to obey the rules of Islam. They feel a great connection with Allah (SWT) by praying, reading the Quran, etc. Because of fasting, people bring their small communities together and celebrate the happiness of Ramzan together. France is not a Muslim-based country, but during Ramadan, they feel the power of positivity in the air. It is the time when people find a new face of humanity. Besides, people share happiness and spiritual positivity during this time. They donate some of their wealth to others to satisfy Allah (SWT). This is the beauty of Ramadan. 

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