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Unique Ramadan Gift Ideas In Australia For Friends & Family With MATW Australia

A Short Overview Of Ramadan And The Importance Of Ramadan Gifts

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. It starts in the 9th month of the Arabic calendar. Therefore, Muslims participate in fasting in search of mercy for their sins. After Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr is one of the most significant occasions in Islam. In that case, everyone tries to give presents to each other among families and friends. Ramadan gift ideas depend from person to person, varying on budget and taste.

History Of Ramadan

Ramadan is the month when the holy Quran comes to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Ramadan starts in 624 CE. However, it is observed in Medina in today’s Saudi Arabia. It was the second year of the Hijrat Arabic calendar. 

Meaning And Importance Of Ramadan 

Sawm, or fasting, is one of Islam’s five pillars. However, It means sacrifice, mercy, and forgiveness. Therefore, It is essential among all Muslims around the world. However, You can get closer to Allah (SWT) by maintaining all the rules instructed in the Quran.

What Are Ramadan Gifts? 

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. After this month, Eid al-Fitr is one of the biggest celebrations in Islam. Therefore, all Muslims present something to each other for this occasion, called a Ramadan gift. However, Quran, Pocket sejadah, Halal gift box, Oud fragrance, Dates gift box, and Scented candles set.

DIY Ramadan Gift Ideas

Ramadan gift ideas are one of the most popular rituals worldwide. Therefore, when giving a gift to someone, consider customising the gift on your own. However, you can gift a small food box, a Dry food box, Scented Wax Candles, greeting cards, etc.

Personalised Greeting Cards

A greeting card is one of the best ways of wishing for someone. It might be a simple paper, but it describes a lot. However, you can design greeting cards for your family and friends, which will be very much impressive and unique to them. Therefore, You can customise cards by justifying their taste so they will be happy to see the Card.

Thoughtful Decorations

The decoration is one of the most important parts of gifts. It describes the intentions of the gift provider. It is imperative to decorate the gifts beautifully. However, it would help if you decorated uniquely and differently. However, Your way of decoration will provide your approach.

Affordable Gift Ideas

It is not mandatory that you have to give expensive gifts during Ramadan. However, You can provide small budget presents like chocolate boxes, Dry fruit packets, customised sweet boxes, and many more. Whatever you plan to give should be quality, complete, and usable. 

Ramadan Decor 

Ramadan decor means the decoration which we do during Ramadan. You can decorate your home, especially during Ramadan, with decoration lights, flowers, etc.

Ramadan Sweet Boxes

Ramadan sweet boxes are one of the best ideas for gifts. Therefore, you can customise your sweet box with different kinds of sweets. It will be affordable and reasonable to give to your family and friends.

Ramadan Chocolate Treats

In recent times you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. Therefore, you can give your friends, families, and especially children a chocolate treat this Ramadan.

Ramadan Books 

You can gift your friends and elders Ramadan books for them. However, It will be a fantastic gift for everyone.

Ramadan Accessories

You can choose Tasbih, prayer mat, prayer cap, and other equipment gifts as Ramadan accessories. Therefore, it will be a handy gift for your family and friends.

Sweet Gift Ideas

Gifting sweets can be a good gift for everyone. You can customise your sweet box with a variety of sweets inside. However, it will be an affordable gift for everyone. You can provide any sweets there like traditional sweets, new types made with different ingredients.

Traditional Sweets 

Traditional sweet means sweets, traditionally known as favourite sweets among all. Giving your friends and family traditional sweets is a good idea.

Chocolate-Filled Treats

You can provide your friends and loving people with chocolate boxes. They will feel perfect if you give them chocolates. 

Mouth-Watering Cakes 

You can find only a few people who don’t like cakes. Kids are mad about it. However, during this Ramadan, you can gift mouth-watering cakes to your friends and family. 

Creative Gift Wrapping 

Creative gift wrappings mean wrapping a gift in a unique style. It is vital because a presentation shows the approach of the person giving the gift. Therefore, creative wrapping can be done in many ways. You can customise your wrap by drawing on simple paper. Consequently, you can wrap it with greeting cards, natural, etc. It depends on your creative sense and how you want to. 

Greeting Card Box 

Greeting card box designed specially to make someone feel happy. It describes how much you cared for them. It is a symbol, and you wish lifelong prosperity from your heart. 

Wrapping With Love 

You should wrap it with very caring and sincerity. Wrapping is a way of justifying the gifted person. 

Decoupage Wrapping 

Decoupage wrapping means wrapping that will be designed or customised. Therefore, this kind of wrapping depends on the person’s choice.

Using Natural Element 

You can use natural elements to make your gift wrap exceptional. Therefore, you can use flowers, leaves, bare juniper twigs, berries, spruce, and cedar.

Charity And Donation 

You are giving to your family and friends. Your children will be happy when you give them their gifts. However, some unfortunate Muslims worldwide are fighting to live in this world. Therefore, Zakat is one of the five fundamentals. During Ramadan, you can easily donate Zakat online. So please come and donate Zakat to help humanity.


  • What Are Some Unique Ramadan Gifts?

Ans: Everything which is halal you can gift to anyone. Therefore, pocket sejadah, Oud fragrance, scented candle sets, cakes, sweet boxes, etc. 

  • How Can I Create DIY Ramadan Gifts? 

Ans: You can create it via your skill. Moreover, you can learn some simple techniques to create a DIY Ramadan gift. 

  • Where Can I Find Affordable Ramadan Gifts? 

Ans: you can find this on markets. If it still doesn’t suit your budget, then it is suggested to customise gifts for Ramadan. 

  • What Kind Of Sweets Make Good Ramadan Gifts?

Ans: Typically, traditional sweets will be a good gift. However, If you want unique sweets, you can give them. 

Last But Not Least

Ramadan is a precious month. During this month, we should give happiness to everyone. It is the month of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. But, the unique Ramadan Gift Ideas in Australia for Friends and Family in 2024 would be determined to give a smile to your family, friends, and others.

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