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Ramadan Gift Ideas For France: 10 Perfect Presents With MATW France

Ramadan Gift Idea For France People

Ramadan is a month of happiness. As France is not a Muslim-populated country, Muslim people try to find special occasions to gather in one place. Ramadan and Eid are when they visit each other’s houses or gather at one place. 

There is a sweet traditional France people follow. They bring gifts to the host’s home as an act of love and friendliness. The end of Ramadan is the start of Eid Al Fitr, the festival of breaking the fast.

There are pretty good options for Ramadan gift ideas in France that a Muslim can give to others on Ramadan.

Gift Ideas For Muslim Adults

A Muslim adult means the head of the family or the oldest family member. There are a lot of options to give them. Some gift ideas can be-

  • The Quran,
  • Decor items,
  • Clothes,
  • Eidi (From the elders),
  • Any electronic item,
  • Wall Art.

Gift Ideas For Muslim Children

Children are always a carrier of happy souls. They get most excited when it comes to talking about gifts. Some gift ideas can be-

  • Clothes,
  • Gift hamper (containing sweets and chocolate),
  • Eidi (Giving money on Eid is known as Eidi),
  • Eid cards,
  • Chocolates.

Gift Ideas For Muslim Elderly

A Muslim elder means the head of the family or the oldest family member. There are a lot of options to give them. Some gift ideas can be-

  • The Quran,
  • Clothes,
  • Gift hamper (containing foods, dry fruit, and sweets),
  • Wall Art.

Where To Find A Gift In France

France is a tourist-based city. In France, a city known as the city of love, Paris is one of the most famous cities for tourists. For that, France holds a lot of gift shops around the city. So finding a Ramadan gift ideas France gift will be a piece of cake. 

Shopping In-Store

In France, many stores can be found while walking around the cities. That store contains every item someone can ask to live in a house. So from there, a Muslim can choose gifts for their friends and family members.

Shopping Online

During the lockdown, online shopping is a saviour option for customers and business people. Nowadays, online shopping is a great thing. People can find their desired item and order it as home delivery without going outside. During fasting, Muslims can easily order gifts and deliver their products to the door.

Shopping In Local Market

Every year there, many people visit France. People go there and search for local markets to find their traditional pieces. The city is surrounded by local shops, also known as ‘marché couvert.’ 

Gift Ideas With A Budget

Giving a gift to a person is a way to share happiness with others. When you receive a gift from someone, that should not be measured by the value. But while shopping for Ramadan, most Muslims have to buy gifts for all the family or others. Going on a budget is a good idea for them. 

Gifts Under €20

With 20 euros, you can find some interesting gifting items in France. Some gift ideas are

  • Eid or dua cards,
  • Ramadan planners,
  • Led decorations,
  • Chocolates and flowers.

Or can give the money as Eidi to the children. 

Gifts Under €50

For 50 euros you can find more exciting gifts to give a person. Some gift ideas are-

  • Wall decor items,
  • The exclusive Islamic calendar,
  • Jewellery, 
  • Customize gift boxes,
  • Table runner.

Gifts Under €100

With 100 euros you can find some exclusive items. That can be the best items for gifting on this happiest occasion. Some of the gift ideas are-

  • Quran, and prayer mat set,
  • Home decor items,
  • Wall art,
  • Clothes,
  • Customize gift boxes,
  • Basket of chocolate, fruits, and dry fruits.

Creative Ramadan Gift Ideas

A gift is a way to spread happiness. It can be bought instantly with money. Also, anyone can customize it. It can also be DIY means ‘Do it yourself’ to make someone special. 

Personal Gifts

There is a new way available to make your gifts memorable to a person. Customizing gifts for a particular person on occasions like Ramadan or Eidson can make your day more memorable. 

People can customize- 

  • Picture,
  • Wall art,
  • Room decoration, 
  • Jewellery,
  • Basket of chocolate and gifts.

DIY Projects

DIY means do it yourself. It is one of the most trendy ways to customize your gift. Many people use DIY projects to surprise the person receiving the gifts. For example- you can write a note with your gift items. Or you can make an envelope to give to Eidi. Mainly children do DIY eid cards to give to elders and friends. 

Seasonal Ramadan Gift Ideas

This year Ramadan is going to start during the summertime. There is nothing unique you can gather to give as a seasonal gift. But a person can always be creative by decorating a customized gift basket. They can put seasonal items like- fruits, chocolate, and nuts. Dates can be a good item for a gift. 

Ramadan Decorations

There are so many options for Ramadan decorations you can collect from online stores or local stores. Some unique gift ideas for Ramadan are-

  • Led light decoration,
  • Wall writing,
  • Calendar with gifts,
  • Scented candles.

Ramadan Accessories

There are some essential things that you will need due to Ramadan. They are-

  • Quran,
  • Prayer mat,
  • Islamic calendar,
  • Ramadan planner,
  • Table organizer.

Ramadan Appeal

Ramadan is when Muslims refresh their connection with Allah (SWT). They try to follow the path of Islam. Every Muslim man and woman should wear decent clothes during Ramadan time. While Ramadan, Muslims can gift accessories that go with their dresses, like- 

  • You can gift hijab to a girl,
  • Can gift perfume gift to any gender,
  • You can give a prayer mat to a man.

Donating To Needful People

A donation is also a form of gifting people. Even by donating to people, a Muslim can receive blessings from an unknown person. In France, giving Zakat is more complicated than in other countries. For that, they have many online sources to Donate to Zakat Online. Most Muslims use these online sources to give Zakat and share happiness with others. 


Q 1. What Are The Best Gift Ideas For Ramadan? 

Answer: The best gift ideas for Ramadan depends on the recipient. Consider their age, hobbies, and preferences when choosing a thoughtful gift. 

Q 2. Where Can I Buy Ramadan Gifts In France? 

Answer: You can buy Ramadan gifts in France both in-store and online. You can also check out your local market for unique gift ideas.  

Q 3. What Are Some Unique Ramadan Gift Ideas? 

Answer: Some unique and creative Ramadan gift ideas include personalized gifts, experiences, and DIY projects. 

In Conclusion

Gifting is a way of sharing happiness with others. In Ramadan, gifting to others is shown as a symbol of sharing delight. Ramadan is a month of blessing. All people should spread positivity.  

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