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Learn All About Ramadan Charity 2024 In A Search For Mercy With MATW UK

Ramadan is one of the spiritual months of Islam. This month, Muslims worldwide participate in fasting in a search for mercy, forgiveness, and all. Therefore, this month, wealthy Muslims donate zakat to poor and needy people, which is about Ramadan charity.

What Is Ramadan?

Allah (SWT) sent the Quran to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in Ramadan. It is one of the most precious months of Islam. Swam is one of the five pillars of Islam.

 Eligible Muslims participate in different kinds of Islamic activities during this month. During this time, a Muslim gets 70 times more Swab for doing one good deed. This month is divided into three divisions.

Each quarter has ten days. The first ten days are known as the Days of Mercy. The second ten days indicate the Days of Forgiveness, and The last ten days are known as the Days of Seeking Refuge.

Rules Of Ramadan

Muslims participate in fasting from sunrise to sunset. During this time, they can’t eat or drink anything. However, for a fast, you have to take a meal before sunrise, which is called Suhoor, and then fast for a day. Therefore they have to pray five times as usual on time. After sunset, with Iftar, the Muslims complete a fast. There is a special prayer named Taraweeh that Muslims engage in after Isha. 

Ramadan is the month of mercy; therefore, we must avoid some things during this time. In this month, Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. They refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, vaping, etc. Moreover, people who are sick, pregnant, menstruating, nursing, or travelling, are prohibited from fasting. 

Significance Of Ramadan

The significance of Ramadan can’t be described in short. It is the period when Muslims can get rewards for Akhirah. It is the most crucial time when Allah (SWT) forgives his followers. This month is not only about getting apologies but also helps to create kindness. Ramadan creates unity and connection between every Muslim.

Ramadan Charity

Ramadan is the month of purifying the heart. Therefore, during this month, every wealthy Muslim gives Zakat to poor and needy people who are unfortunate and needy. This month evaluates the pain, hunger, and thirst of those who cannot get those basics. A Muslim donate 2.5% of the earned wealth they have owned for one lunar year. 

Ramadan Celebration

During Ramadan, every Muslim has to change their day-to-day activities. Therefore, all of them have a day-long fast that must go well. Moreover, they celebrate special things are:

  • Special Food
  • Ramadan Gift
  • Eid Celebration

Special Food

During Ramadan, Muslims prepare special foods for Iftar and Suhoor. Therefore, they organise tasty and high-protein food. This month, Muslims want to consume different foods from different cuisines.

Ramadan Gift

Ramadan gift is a kind of tradition in Muslim communities. Muslim people present nuts, Islamic books, prayer mats, gift boxes, etc. Those gifts are a symbol of brotherhood between Islamic communities.

Eid Celebration

After 30 days of Swam, Muslims have Eid-ul-Fitr to celebrate. It is a happy day for the Muslim community. Therefore, On this day, Muslim wear new clothes, have Eid Salat, and visit relatives’ places to celebrate this day. 

Education During Ramadan  

We fast during Ramadan to come closer to Allah (SWT). At this time, Muslims focus on adapting more knowledge of Islam. Therefore, they utilise some time to grab the true meaning of Ramadan during this time. They read the Quran and Islamic books and participate in Islamic meetings to get the profound significance of Ramadan months.


  • What Is A Ramadan Food Plan? 

Ans: During Ramadan month, there are two primary meals served: Suhoor, which is done before dawn, and Iftar, which is served after sunset. You should not take junk food or oily foods during this month. It should be a hearty, healthy meal, as you need energy for a day of fasting. Remember one thing you shouldn’t be overeating as It can affect your health.

  • What Is The Significance Of Ramadan?

Ans: In this spiritual month, Muslims pray for Swab or mercy. During the hours of fasting, Muslims refrain from food and drink, tobacco products, sexual relations, and sinful acts. Therefore, they spend time in Salat (prayer) and reciting the Quran.

  • Where Can I Buy Ramadan Gifts In the UK? 

Ans: You can buy Ramadan gifts in-store and online in the UK. You can also check out your local market for unique gift ideas.

Final Words

Ramadan is the month of sacrifice and kindness. Every Muslim has to participate in all activities during this month. Allah (SWT) gives this month to allow forgiveness and sins. It is high time to do charity during this month. All Muslims must give zakat. Zakat is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam. So with approaching Zakat, you are completing your farm and taking part in saving humanity. So please come forward and get the best reward from Sadaqah Jariyah.

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