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All About Ramadan Charity: Plan to Serve The Helpless With MATW USA

Among the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan is the fourth one. This is considered the most sacred month in Islam because Allah (SWT) revealed the Holy Quran and has made Ramadan Charity mandatory. During this Holy month, a strict practice of fasting from dawn to dusk is done by Muslims, to increase Allah (SWT)’s- awareness and consciousness. Its main purpose is to abstain from bad deeds and understand the situation of the less fortunate or needy people. Fasting repays mercy and immense rewards to the Muslims. 

Essential Of Ramadan

Ramadan is termed the most spiritual month for Muslims and it’s important to practise self-control, dedication, and discipline, get rid of bad habits, and purify souls. It helps us to shield ourselves from cleansing sins by fasting and providing charity.

Few Facts On Ramadan-

  • Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam.
  • Allah (SWT) revealed the holy Quran in the month of Ramadan.
  • In the month of Ramadan, Allah (SWT) blessed the Muslims with Laylat Ul-Qadar (night of power)
  • Fasting expires past sins.
  • The immense reward for fasting 

Ramadan Charity 

Charity is a key to Ramadan and is obligatory for every  Muslim. In Islam,it holds great importance. It is another five pillars of Islam. This contribution is used to provide a better life for the needy and by this act, ensures you can reap the greatest rewards.

This is one of the finest forms of transferring wealth to the poor, helpless, needy, and unfortunate people.

Importance of Ramadan Charity 

In this Holy month giving charity is taken as an act of worship, that brings the giver closer to Allah (SWT) and purifies their soul, and helps to create a sense of community and solidarity in an individual. Muslims are said to give 2.5% of their wealth as Zakat in the Holy month of Ramadan.

Types of Ramadan Charity

There are many forms to provide Charity, the most common four forms of Ramadan Charity, are discussed below-

Zakat: This is a mandatory form and involves giving a portion of one’s income to those people who are in need.

Sadaqah: This is a voluntary form, such as giving money, food, or other forms of assistance to those in need.

Fitrana: This charity involves giving a certain amount of money to the needy and less earned ones, during Ramadan.

Fidyah: This form involves giving money or food to the needy as a form of expiation for the ones who aren’t capable of fasting during Ramadan for legit reasons.

Different Sectors Of Ramadan Charity

Ramadan Charity is a kind gesture toward the needy. It helps to maintain an equal lifestyle and lack of poverty in society. It broadens mind and removes cruelty among people. And thus gets closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT) and their Iman.

The sectors where we can provide Ramadan Charity are-

  • Sadaqah 
  • Donate Food to the Poor People 
  • Zakat-Al-Fitr 
  • Donating clothes 
  • Donating relief
  • Donating to orphans with money or essentials
  • Donate Iftar
  • Helping them financially 

The Benefits Of Ramadan Charity

Ramadan Charity can change a helpless person’s life into a happy life. Moreover, It can save someone’s life. Therefore, It will help to reduce social problems and grow economic activities.

  • Protects from calamity
  • Protects from being a miser
  • A good deed defines a pure heart
  • Charity will give shade on the Day of Judgment
  • Protects Hellfire
  • It Increases What Allah (SWT) Grants You
  • Helps to elevate status.
  • Helps to build community by contribution
  • Psychological peace
  • Decluttering Space
  • Equality among people

Eligibility For Providing And Receiving Ramadan Charity

Some unfortunate people don’t have enough support to live and are always seeking food and shelter, and are the ones who need charity the most. 

When your wealth is above 2.5% over Nisab and is enough, Well-being is said to help the down-word people so that they can live a happy and tension-free life. Those who perform such a pure gesture are greatly rewarded.

Providing Charity-

  • Wealthy people
  • Well-beings
  • On whom it’s obligatory

Receiving Charity-

  • Poor people
  • Needy people
  • Close needy relatives
  • Orphans
  • Incapable or Handicap 
  • To those, whose hearts are to be reconciled (New Muslims).
  • Those in bondage (slaves and captives).
  • Debt-ridden
  • Wayfarer
  • To maids


What Is The Purpose Of Ramadan Charity?

The main purpose of Ramadan Charity is to help the poor so that they can celebrate the festival of breaking the fast called (`Eid al-Fitr) along with every Muslim.

Is Ramadan Charity Necessary?

Undoubtedly, Yes! It is an obligatory duty of Islam.

On whom is Ramadan Charity Compulsory?

There are three kinds of people for whom Ramadan Charity is compulsory, are-

1) Muslim

2) Adolescent 

3) Sane Adolescence 


Ramadan Charity is essential for Muslims and is observed by all over the world. It provides an opportunity to purify their soul and strengthen the society. Through financial donations or other forms of assistance, a big portion of society is being helped, and the givers are getting chances to rectify their flaws and be blessed. In Islam, it’s All About Ramadan Charity and creating a positive impact in the lives of others, and leading a life toward the path of righteousness and faith in Allah (SWT).

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