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What Are The Rules Of Ramadan? You Should Know With  MATW Australia


Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. It starts in the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. Every Muslim needs to know what are the rules of Ramadan. Therefore, Muslims worldwide participate in day-long fasting throughout the month. Sawm, or fasting, is one of Islam’s five pillars. Every capable Muslim is bound to fast this month. However, It is the most spiritual month of the year with a lot of significance. Moreover, Ramadan is when the Holy Quran was sent down to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

History Of Ramadan

In 624 CE, Ramadan was first celebrated in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, In 610 A.D. This was when the holy Quran was revealed to our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by Angel Jibril from Allah (SWT). That revelation, Laylat Al-Qadar—or the “Night of Power”—is believed to have occurred during Ramadan.

Meaning Of Ramadan

Ramadan is the month of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness. Therefore, It is the month when Muslims have to fast. However, the true meaning of Ramadan is to come closer to Allah (SWT) by doing good work. Moreover, It is when people help each other, which is a good practice of Humanity.

Rules Of Ramadan 

Ramadan has considerable significance and terms to follow. Therefore, to maintain all the regular rules and regulations, you must fast day long during this month. However, you have participated in fast, five-time prayers, and charity. Moreover, you have avoided haram activities during this time, like eating food, drinking water or any other liquid, smoking, and engaging in any sexual activity from dawn to sunset.


During Ramadan, you must avoid all food or drink, including water, from sunrise to sunset. It is recommended that before sunrise, Muslims have to eat a pre-fast meal known as suhur and at the end of the day, when sunsets, Muslims break their fast by Iftar.


Five times prayer is farz for all Muslims. Therefore, Ramadan, Taraweeh, is the special prayer for Ramadan. Muslim pray it after the Isha prayer. Thus, many people read the Quran to come closer to Allah (SWT).


Zakat is an essential fundamental of Islam. This month, you can donate food to those poor and helpless people fighting to save their lives. Some international charity organizations are working to help poor Muslims worldwide who need food donations. They are weak and hungry. You should provide your zakat amount to them to save those lives.

Keeping Focused During Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of patience and good vibes. You have focused on your prayer to utilize this month properly. However, you should avoid all the activities you are instructed not to do.

Daily Adherence

During Ramadan, Muslims participate in too-fast or swimming—every day from dawn to sunset or morning to night. Fasting requires abstinence from sex, food and drink, and smoking. You have adherence to all of this which is forbidden during Ramadan.

Good Deeds

You must adapt or be involved in good deeds during the whole month. However, it means good deeds intended to please Allah (SWT) to gain eternal paradise. Ramadan is the best time for practising good deeds.

Ramadan Celebration

Ramadan is the spiritual month of Islam. Muslims from around the world celebrate this month by praying and day-long fasting. Therefore, Muslims celebrate this month by maintaining proper guidelines and rules. Everyone participates in Ramadan activities with family, friends, and relatives this month. They arrange special foods during this Ramadan.

Celebratory Meals

During Ramadan, you might starve and crave tasty foods because of fasting. Some specific food that is famous this month is Lentil soup, Shish kebab, Khoresh, Shamie kebabs, Biryani, etc. This kind of food is arranged several times during this month.


It is one of the beneficial parts of the Ramadan celebration. Therefore, it will allow you to meet with your family and friends. Ramadan removes the distance between people and tides all Muslims into one door.

Health Considerations

Health is well. During Ramadan time we change our timetable and food habits. Therefore, you must think of your food list before Ramadan. However, you should have less oily healthy foods during the month. Ramadan fasting will benefit your health. It will prevent chronic diseases like cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.

Eating Pattern Changes

In Ramadan, your eating pattern or timetable gets changed. Therefore, you should 

Start to make a plan for this and take preparation for that. However, You need to consume healthy protein foods like oats, whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. It is suggested that you should have light foods during this month.


You have woken up early before sunrise for suhoor, and you don’t get enough time to sleep afterwards because of many causes. An adult person should have to sleep for 8 hours. Therefore, During Ramadan, getting enough sleep at once is hard. However, taking small naps is suggested whenever you get time. It is vital because proper sleeping is directly connected with your health.


Every bloke and sheila needed eight glasses of water daily. Water can be included in juices, milk, and soups, but all-over water is the best option. Therefore, during fasting time, you might face dehydration. It is common because you are supposed to drink water only for part of the day. It is suggested that you should drink water as much as you can during Ramadan month.


  • What Is Ramadan?

Ans: Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. It starts in the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. Muslims participate in day-long fasts during this month.

  • How Long Does Ramadan Last?

Ans: Ramadan lasts 29 or 30 days. It depends on the moon sighting. 

  • Do All Muslims Observe Ramadan?

Ans: Yes, all Muslims have to observe Ramadan, but in some cases, fasting is not mandatory for those who are sick or on a journey, and sheila, Menstruating, pregnant, or nursing are permitted to break the fasting.

Last But Not Least

It is imperative to follow all the rules mentioned in the Quran for this month. It is the only month by which we can quickly get closer to Allah (SWT). Therefore, you must keep maintaining your health and well-being. However, It is suggested to make a suitable plan to celebrate Ramadan 2023 in Australia. So let’s proceed now in searching for forgiveness from Allah (SWT).

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