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The Benefits Of Making Donations This Ramadan With MATW Project

Definition Of Ramadan 

Ramadan is Islam’s holy month, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslim people fast from sunrise to sunset during this month. Fasting is one of the five fundamental principles of Islam. Muslims will not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset for the whole month. It is the month of mercy and forgiveness. Muslims participate in fasting to get closer to Allah (SWT). So, give Ramadan donations in Australia during this holy month to help those most needed.

Overview Of The Importance Of Giving In This Holy Month 

  • The Holy Prophet(PBUH) says so!

It is a month wherein all good acts are even better, including charity!

  • Fasting helps us empathise with those who live in poverty without good tucker.

It is a month to reflect and implement the teachings of the Qur’an.

  • It is a time to seek forgiveness.

Benefits Of Ramadan Donations

Allah (SWT) assures us that giving to charity will not decrease our wealth in today’s world, in our afterworld, or both. It broadens our connection with the Almighty. If you give Zakat to someone who needs it most, you will find the smiley face of that person. There is no other better work than keeping someone happy. Moreover, the donation we give in this holy month returns a lot to us by Allah (SWT).

Spend Your Wealth In The Right Way

Property can be enjoyed, but do not let it distract you.

Wealth can give us happiness in life but also destroy us. We should spend our wealth on good purposes. Greediness is strictly restricted from Islam. A Muslim should not save a huge amount of money but also give charity to needy people.

It Is Never Tolerable To Earn A Living By Doing Wrong

A Muslim must earn his wealth in a halal way. Muslims shouldn’t buy or sell any alcoholic product or be involved in illegal activities.

Practice Charity For The Poor, Orphans, And Those In Need

Islam stands based on five pillars. One of the pillars is giving Zakat. In the Quran, charity is often mentioned as going along with prayer. The Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) gives us the best example of giving charity. He provided for others before taking for himself. The Quran says we have to give our wealth to orphans who can not afford it for themselves. Even though you have a small wealth, you can donate as much as possible. Because whatever you donate is a part of the charity.

Do Not Fear Poverty; Allah (SWT) Will Provide

Allah (SWT) is the ultimate provider of all. True believers mustn’t fear poverty because Allah (SWT) will provide for them. A proverb says that fearing poverty is the same as not trusting Allah (SWT).

Giving Your Wealth Is The Source Of True Prosperity

Charity increases wealth because Allah (SWT) replaces it with something better and more significant. Muslims are taught to think about and handle their wealth in many ways. Your wealth should always be gained through honesty if you wish to be considered a true believer. 

Connecting To Your Faith

  • Begin each day with morning prayer 
  • Read Quran regularly
  • Participate in small group Quran study sessions

Build A Positive And Generous Atmosphere

  • Your thoughts and inner beliefs
  • Your language and attitude
  • Your environment and company
  • Your lifestyle.

Strengthen Your Emotional And Mental Well-Being

  • Connect with other people. Building connections and good relationships are essential for your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Always try to be physically active. Being active could be better for your physical health and fitness.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Give to others.
  • Keep attention to the present moment.

Tips For Making Ramadan Donations 

First, we must check online organisations in Straya that look forward to helping those most need it. Always check in your society that anyone needs more wealth to fast. So try to help those people with dry tucker and daily necessaries.

Be Consistent With Your Donations

Not only in Ramadan, but Muslims also try to give donations throughout the year. Because they believe giving charity makes their bonding stronger with the almighty Allah (SWT).

Share Your Donation Stories

During Ramadan, I support orphans and those who need it most. When I do this work, I feel delighted inside of myself. Last Ramadan, I donated to an organisation through Zakat. They told me my money would go to an underdeveloped country. After hearing the news, I felt satisfied.

Consider Weekly Donations

Islam suggested donating according to your wealth. So if you have wealth, you can donate weekly as well because contributing helps you stay connected with Allah (SWT).

Donate To Muslim Charity

There are many options to Donate to Muslim charities. Australians can donate Zakat to nearby people in need or take help from online organisations to pay the money and perform their duties. Ways To Support

During Ramadan, there are various ways to support others. Some of the methods are-

  • By Zakat,
  • Arranging iftar for the people in need,
  • Donating money to a mosque,
  • Help each other in any situation,
  • Donating money to nursing homes or orphans,
  • Making online donations to organisations.

FAQ List

Q. What Types Of Donations Are Accepted During Ramadan? 

A. During Ramadan, donations can range from monetary or material contributions such as tucker, water, or clothes to volunteer or donation services such as helping with fundraising or addressing particular needs. 

Q. Is It Possible To Make Donations Online?

A. Yes, various online donation platforms are available depending on your location, and the charity to which you wish to donate to.


Ramadan is a month when Muslims love to obey the rules of Islam. They feel a great connection with Allah (SWT) by praying, reciting the Holy Quran, etc. Through fasting, people bring their small communities together and celebrate the happiness of Ramadan. 

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