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How To Plan Ramadan 2024 In The UK: 5 Easy Way To Prepare With MATW UK

What Is Ramadan Plan

A Ramadan plan is a chart of what we should do or avoid during Ramadan. Therefore, we have five simple ways you can follow this month. Those are meal planning, education planning, technology utilisation planning, Budget planning, and charitable planning.


Sawm, or fasting, is one of Islams five pillars. Ramadan is Islam’s holy month, beginning in the ninth month of the Arabic calendar. All Muslims participate in fasting from sunrise to sunset during this month. For the whole month, Muslims will not eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset in search of mercy. Moreover, Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Benefits Of Ramadan Planning

Usually, for whole years we follow different rules and systematic life. Ramadan is the month when you have to change your lifestyle. Again, you should especially take preparation. Otherwise, it might affect your health and daily lifestyle.

How Should You Plan For Ramadan

It will be safe for you if you start planning before Ramadan starts. Moreover, you should consider your budget, meal plan, education, technology, and charity. It would help if you started avoiding your bad habits before Ramadan.

Time Schedule

Ramadan is different from all other months. We must follow the rules as instructed in the Quran, like suhur, five times prayer, iftar, and tarawih prayer. All the rituals have a peaceful time to start and finish. We should maintain our other work schedules by remembering Ramadan.

Budget During Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. During this time, it depends on how much you will budget for the month. But it is suggested that you should minimise the cost of unnecessary things. However, you should keep the extra budget for nutrition, food, charity, and the Eid celebration.

Ramadan Meal Planning

During Ramadan, you must fast from sunrise to sunset and can’t eat or drink anything. You will feel hungry and thirsty and might overeat junk foods or tasty food. This may be a huge mistake. After completing a fast, you should not overeat. Moreover, you should have healthy foods like dates, oats, milk, etc. In Ramadan month meal planning is one of the most vital issues.

Meal Planning Strategies

During Ramadan time we can’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, you can eat suhoor before sunrise and iftar after sunset, and from then to the next sunrise, you can eat anything you want. However, consider consuming healthy foods during these Ramadan plans. You should have fewer oily foods each time you have a meal. But it is highly recommended to drink water as much as you can.

Meal Preparation Tips In Ramadan

You have to eat healthy foods during Ramadan. You should drink as much water as you can. Therefore, you must adopt special cuisines like lentil soup, whole grain bread, Oats, brown rice, oatmeal, fresh food, and vegetables.

Educating Yourself On Ramadan  

We fast during Ramadan in search of forgiveness and mercy. In this holy month, we should focus on adapting more knowledge of Islam. Therefore, give yourself more time to grab knowledge. You should read the Quran and try to get the deeper significance of Ramadan months.

Learning About Ramadan

Ramadan has significance, and knowing more about this month is important. You can gather knowledge at Islamic cinemas and articles this month by attending seminars. You can gather knowledge from the Preachers of Islam. The more knowledge you have, the more you can implement it. It would help if you gave yourself time to gather ideas about Ramadan and Islam.

Charity Plan During Ramadan

Zakat is fair for all eligible wealthy Muslims. You have to give 2.5% of the surplus wealth as zakat you have owned over a year. Therefore, If zakat is eligible, you should provide it to needy people. Moreover, many poor Muslim brothers, sisters, and children need your help. Zakat during Ramadan will allow those people to survive in this world.

Who Is Eligible For Zakat?

Zakat is eligible for poor people, orphans, refugees, and all. Your child gets everything that they want because you are providing for them. But some unfortunate children don’t have the support of their parents. The kids need help to get good food. They can’t be stubborn for anything like your child as their wish will never come true. You can donate your zakat amount for the well-being of those unfortunate children. There are many organisations where you can donate your zakat amount to orphans.

Utilising Technology To Make Life Easier During Ramadan 

In recent times technology has made our lives easier. In this Ramadan 2024 in the UK, you can get the help of technology to reduce hassles like Ramadan gift ideas, shopping, meal planning, contact listing, and many more.

Technologies For Shopping

In 2024, you can complete your shopping by using online shopping sites. Therefore, it will be a better idea because it does not allow you to shop from home but provides various options from different sites.

Utilising Technology For Meal Planning 

You can search for different kinds of cousins which will be good for your health during this Ramadan. You can search via your hand device. It can even suggest your food according to verifying age, weather, and all.

Keeping In Touch With Family And Friends 

Recently, with the blessings of technology, we can easily connect with our family and relatives. Therefore, now you connect with your family and friends via video and audio calls.


  • How To Plan Ramadan?

Ans: You can start preparing yourself for fasting; therefore, you should look forward to nutritious food, adopt good habits, and make a list of dua and practice. That is how you can plan your Ramadan month. 

  • What Is A Ramadan Food Plan? 

Ans: During Ramadan, there are two main meals served: suhoor, which is served before dawn, and iftar, which is served after sunset. You should not take junk food or oily foods during this month. It should be a hearty, healthy meal, as you need energy for a day of fasting. Remember one thing you shouldn’t be overeating as It can affect your health.

  • How To Budget For Ramadan?

Ans: You can budget your plan based on your needs. However, you can make a budget for food, shopping, charity, and other expenses. It is suggested to reduce unnecessary expenses during Ramadan.

Last Few Words 

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam. You have to follow every rule as mentioned in the Quran. All Muslims participate in fasting in a search for mercy. This year we should start planning for a whole month. You should start avoiding bad habits and make a plan to have healthy food. Participate with charity organisations and give donations to orphans. So prepare your Ramadan plan now to utilise this spiritual month properly.

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