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2024 Ramadan Planner for France: Plan To Celebrate Ramadan

Ramadan is a ‘month of blessing’ for all Muslims. It stays for twenty-nine or thirty days (which is based on the moon cycle). In France, they must keep fast for 16-17 hours. It is counted as one of the most extended fasts in the world. 

Ramadan planner France 2024 will help you to take advantage of Ramadan plans to balance your work life and housework. 

The Benefit Of Planning

There is a lot of benefit to planning for Ramadan before it starts.

  • Help To Maintain Routine

During Ramadan, it is not easy to maintain everything in one hand. You must prepare a balanced plan to survive the month while maintaining a daily routine along with Ramadan works. 

  • Help To Control Your Sleep Cycle

While planning for Ramadan, the sleep cycle is an essential topic. If your cycle is complicated or you are a night owl, you must help balancing Ramadan duties and other things in the day. For that, maintaining a sleep cycle is essential. 

  • Help To Plan A Diet

Food is an essential thing for the functioning of our body. But in Ramadan, you can not eat due to sunrise to sunset. It would help if you planned a proper diet to maintain proper immunity to work your body’s functions. 

There are some more points that a Muslim should consider while planning for Ramadan. In France, fasting is mainly held in the daylight, and it is challenging to maintain work while fasting in daylight. In 2024, Ramadan is predicted to begin on March 8 and end on April 09. 

It will be summertime, so you should list and stock groceries before starting Ramadan. Also, you must make some spare time to cook, read the Quran, pray to Allah (SWT), do charity, and shop for Eid. 

If you maintain a Ramadan planner, your days will pass smoothly and save you from stress. 

Preparation For Iftar

During Ramadan, Muslims have to keep fast from sunrise to sunset. Specifically, Muslims take the first meal of the day, known as ‘Suhur,’ before praying the Fazer. After this, all Muslims must continue the day without drinking or eating. They can consume food after the sun gets down and the Maghrib prayer time begins. This second-time meal is known as ‘Iftar.’ 

There are 193 countries around the world. Muslims contain the second significant position. These Muslim groups are found in various countries. Every country contains various types of tastes in food. For that reason, all countries have different types of ways to open fast. 

But every Muslim follows a common rule to open their fast. In Islamic history, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to open his fast with a date and water. After that, ‘date’ has been a signature fruit for Muslims. Even now, most people open their fast in the same way. Dates have a good amount of protein and natural sugar, which help people to boost their energy. It also helps to control the sugar level after a full day of fasting. 

France’s Traditional Foods

In France, you can find many traditional cuisines on an iftar table. Some of them are Beef Bourguignon, Tarte Tatin, Salade Niçoise,Crème brûlée. Also, some typical foods that French Muslims eat regularly for iftar are dates, water, kokum sharbat, green salad, bread with a dip, a small amount of rice with meat, and a sweet item. 

There are some rules that you may obey due to Ramadan:

  • You can not drink or eat anything due to fasting time, 
  • You should avoid smoking during fasting,
  • You have to act five-time prayers a day,
  • Take part in Islamic rituals.

The Place To Open A Fast

Usually, Muslims try to open their fast at home with their families. It helps to spend some family time together rather than being alone. Some famous restaurants in France arrange special menus only for Ramadan. Some of them are- Jaipur Café in Paris and Figue et Olive. Using a Ramadan planner, you can set specific dates to go out with your family and enjoy your iftar. 

Celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr

After the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate one of their Islamic holidays, Eid-Al-Fitr. For every Muslim, there are some basic rules to follow on the morning of Eid day. They are-

  • Take a good bath,
  • Wearing new clothes,
  • Going to the mosque to act in prayer (mandatory for men)
  • Exchanging warm greetings with each other to create a bond of celebration with everyone,
  • Coming back home and eating something sweet.

People plan for the day to celebrate the grace of Ramadan. Most of them start shopping for mid of Ramadan. They also celebrate Eid-al-Fitr by gifting clothes to family members or others as gifts. Muslim’s also celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr by gifting money or gift on eid day to kids or teenagers to share the joy. 

Support To The Needful Persons

There are two stages of a person’s financial stage. There is a kind where people lead a wealthy life. Also, there is another kind where people suffer from eating. 

Ramadan is a month when people can feel the pain of hunger. That Muslims try to donate on Ramadan more than other times. In Islamic rule, there is some specific option to donate. They are – Zakat, Sadka,Fidya. 

Now, you can donate money through some online services, which collect money from various sources and use their donation as an example: Build a Water Well

Ramadan helps to improve humanity. And bring the spiritual thought of helping others. 

Spiritual Fact Of Ramadan

Many things satisfy a Muslim soul during Ramadan time. During Ramadan, people can connect better with Allah (SWT). Muslims read the Quran, which helps them to think positively and refresh their mindset. 

Ramadan is a time when people can regionally connect. Iftar is one of the exciting ways to gather people together. In France, most Muslim community people arrange their iftar together in the mosque to celebrate the joy of Ramadan together. Even this is when people find out family time is more important than being alone or busy with work or mobile. 

The Muslim mosque community tries to pray together to strengthen their bond. Also, they gather people in society and arrange an iftar party to make their bond unique. 


Q 1: What Is The Significance Of Ramadan In France?

Ans: There is some significance to Ramadan, which helps people to grow their self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and humanity.

Q 2: How Is Ramadan Celebrated?

Ans: Ramadan is by fasting from sunset to sunrise. Muslims open their fast by eating iftar. 

Q 3: What Kind Of Food Is Eaten During Ramadan?

Ans: During Ramadan, people try to maintain a healthy diet. It helps them to fast for the whole day. 

In The End

Ramadan is a month for which every Muslim waits to arrive. This is the month of blessing, a month of peace, and there are so many benefits of Ramadan that can not be explained in words. Every Muslim celebrates in their traditional way. France is a non-muslim country, but they celebrate Ramadan and Eid like other famous countries. But every Muslim waits eagerly for the next year to feel the joy of Ramadan again. 

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