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Will your current actions take you to Jannah?

As-salam wa-alaikum MATW Family!

Some people will be excited and please on the day of judgment, knowing they are going to meet Allah SWT. Others will be terrified, knowing that their actions in this world will lead them to punishment.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said: If My servant likes to meet Me, I like to meet him; and if he dislikes to meet Me, I dislike to meet him. Prophetic explanation of this Sacred Hadith: He who likes to meet Allah, Allah likes to meet him; and he who dislikes meeting Allah, Allah does not like to meet him. Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) said: O Prophet of Allah, is it because of the dislike of death, for all of us dislike death? The Prophet (PBUH) said: It is not so, but rather it is that when the believer is given news of Allah’s mercy, His approval and His Paradise, he likes to meet Allah and Allah likes to meet him; but when the unbeliever is given news of Allah’s punishment and His displeasure, he dislikes to meet Allah and Allah dislikes to meet him. It was related by al-Bukhari and Malik. The Prophetic version is related by Muslim.

So even though all of us hate death, and the thought of it scares us, it hurts when our loved ones pass through this world – we can still be the people who will be happy and excited to meet Allah SWT.  Click here to find out how!

It’s simple, all we need to do is make sure we have more good deeds than bad ones when we check out of this world.

Sounds simple right?

The problem with that plan is that we can’t see our accounts with Allah SWT. We don’t know how we’re doing with it all. Are we winning right now? Are we losing? How do we know?

So the best strategy is to do two things at the same time.

  1. Maximize the good deeds any way we can. Click here for ways you can gain good deeds!
  2. Minimize the bad deeds, and ask forgiveness as we go along

Using both of these strategies at the same time will ensure we have the best outcome in SHA Allah, and we count on Allah’s mercy throughout the process in SHA Allah.

When it comes to getting maximum good deeds, one of the smartest things we can do is be part of a project that gives the ongoing reward. Think of it this way. If you plant an apple tree, you only do the panting once, but you can keep eating apples and enjoying them for decades. Make the effort once, enjoy the reward over and over and over again without any additional effort.

This exact concept is called “Sadaqa Jariya” or “Ongoing Charity” in Islam.

If you pay for one meal for a poor person, you get the reward for that.

But if you, say, build a water well, then for as long as people keep using that well, you will keep getting rewarded. One effort, daily rewards for maybe 20 years or more.

May Allah SWT makes us from among those who work smarter, not harder to gain His pleasure ISA.


Ahmed Bassal

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