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We all want to be as close to Allah SWT as one is with their own heart. But how do we achieve this?

Assalaamualaikum MATW Family,

We all want to be as close to Allah SWT as one is with their own heart. But how do we achieve this?

One way to strive for that closeness is through being grateful to Allah and seeking to draw closer to Him by means of different acts of worship and to attach oneself to Him by means of good deeds such as prayer, zakat, the offering of Sadaqah, and so on.

“Therefore, turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only)” [al-Kawthar 108:2]:

We take from this verse that Allah SWT loves from us the best of things that draw us closer to Him, whether it be in the literal sense (sacrifice of a sheep or cow) or the sense of giving up something for his sake (your time). To put it simply the best financial act of worship is sacrifice and the best physical act of worship is prayer.

The sacrificing of an animal in Islam is a way of giving thanks to Allah SWT to show our appreciation of our blessings. That is why MATW has an extensive sacrifice program that enables our donors to offer a sheep or cow in appreciation of those blessings from Allah SWT whilst supporting those in need.

Just how beneficial are your sacrifices to those in need?

1 sacrifice = meals for 100 of our school students!

2 sacrifices = meals for 50 families!

5 sacrifices = meals for an entire village!

Why should you give a sacrifice for the sake of Allah SWT?

Our brothers and sisters need protein! With rice and cornmeal being the most abundant food source of West Africa, the opportunity of a protein-rich meal does not come by very often! This is where YOU can make a difference by donating a sheep or cow sacrifice today!

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