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The reward of losing a loved one

As-salam wa-alaikum MATW Family!

Have you ever lost a loved one? If you have, you will know a pain that is deep, and persistent. You will know how much it aches to want to see and hold your loved ones, but we are forced to remain apart from them until we meet them again in the afterlife in sha Allah.

Look at the mercy and generosity of Allah SWT, who is the one who best understands this pain:

Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says My faithful servant’s reward from Myself if I have taken to Me his best friend from amongst the inhabitants of the world and he has then borne it patiently for My sake, shall be nothing less than Paradise.

[It was related by al-Bukhari]

So Allah SWT knows that this pain is so hard to bear, that the one who bears this pain with patience to Allah SWT, his reward will be paradise itself.

Still, although that is something amazing from Allah SWT, it doesn’t do much to soothe that pain that we feel here and now.

But I have one thing for you that does soothe the pain, something you can do right now. Click here to find out more!

In 2018 I was thrilled that my brother in law, Jarrod, accepted Islam and said his Shahada. He was 21 years old at the time. My wife, who has been Muslim for 17 years, was overjoyed as one of her siblings accepted Islam, and for the first time, I was able to hug him not just as a brother-in-law, but as a brother in Islam as well.

Little did we know that just 2 years later, at the age of 23, Jarrod was destined to pass away and leave this world to meet Allah SWT. My wife took the death very hard, as you can imagine. The family was overcome with grief, and it was one of the most difficult events we have had to endure.

However, we had something special we could do for Jarrod. We raised money, from ourselves and the Muslim community, and we built several water wells for Jarrod, donating the hasanaat (good deeds) on Jarrod’s behalf.

Around 6 months later the wells were complete, and we received pictures and videos showing his name on the plaque, with so many people gathered around to drink from the well and take its water home. Click here to start your own!

When I showed the pictures and footage to my wife’s family, they were beyond overjoyed. This is something constructive, positive, and beneficial that we can do with our grief. We can work to get our loved ones closer to Jannah, and closer to eternal pleasure forever. We can give them the greatest gift, far greater than anything they would have received when they were still with us.

We ask Allah SWT to have mercy on our brother Ali Banat, on my brother Jarrod, and on all our loved ones who have already departed this world.

Ahmed Bassal

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