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Share your special occasion with 500 Orphans!

As-salam wa-alaikum MATW fam!

There is no doubt 2020 has been quite a year with many challenges that have tested us in patience, faith, and hope. With the COVID-19 pandemic placing a halt on many of our special occasions it has been hard to remain hopeful. We have seen our highly anticipated fundraisers postponed. Weddings cancelled and graduation ceremonies suspended indefinitely.

And, behold, with every hardship comes ease: – {Quran} 94:5, verily, with every hardship comes ease! – {Quran} 94:6. 

Good times and bad times come and go just like day becomes night. In the two verses from the Quran as stated above, Allah mentions that with every hardship and difficulty comes ease. He repeats this statement twice. A reminder that with every 1 hardship and difficulty comes 2 ease.

We experienced this ease first hand at MATW when a couple in lockdown, Sarah and Ahmed, contacted us about donating their Nikkah ceremony to an Orphan feast – we knew there was still so much goodness and compassion in the world.

With the help of MATW you can now donate your very own orphan feast to mark your special occasion! Celebrate your occasion and gain rewards by providing our children in West Africa with a delicious protein-rich meal, drinks, and sweets. The special feast will end with a special dua made by the children as well as media for you to keep as a moment.

Share your special occasion with 300 or 500 orphans here

The rewards you receive from overcoming challenges with charity it enhances the positive experience of feeling good and transpiring that energy back into the world!

MATW INTERNATIONAL LTD with ABN 60610666325 is a Charity and Public Benevolence Institution (PBI) dedicated to assisting the needy in Australia and abroad

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