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Riyadh Ramadan Timetable 2023: Things To Know With MATW MIddle East

Ramadan Timetable In Riyadh

Ramadan is the time of mercy and forgiveness. During this month, Muslims participate in day-long fasting. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Arabic calendar. However, this year in Riyadh Ramadan Timetable will begin on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Therefore, It depends on the moon sighting.

RamadanWeekdayMonthSuhurFajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghrib/Iftar TimeIsha
1ThursdayMarch 23 202304:5205:0206:1612:2815:5318:3519:49
2FridayMarch 24 202304:5105:0106:1512:2815:5318:3519:49
3SaturdayMarch 25 202304:5005:0006:1412:2815:5318:3519:50
4SundayMarch 26 202304:4904:5906:1312:2715:5318:3619:50
5MondayMarch 27 202304:4804:5806:1212:2715:5318:3619:51
6TuesdayMarch 28 202304:4704:5706:1112:2715:5318:3719:51
7WednesdayMarch 29 202304:4604:5606:1012:2615:5318:3719:52
8ThursdayMarch 30 202304:4504:5506:0912:2615:5218:3819:52
9FridayMarch 31 202304:4404:5406:0812:2615:5218:3819:53
10SaturdayApril 01 202304:4204:5206:0712:2615:5218:3919:53
11SundayApril 02 202304:4104:5106:0612:2515:5218:3919:54
12MondayApril 03 202304:4004:5006:0512:2515:5218:3919:54
13TuesdayApril 04 202304:3904:4906:0412:2515:5218:4019:55
14WednesdayApril 05 202304:3804:4806:0312:2415:5118:4019:55
15ThursdayApril 06 202304:3704:4706:0212:2415:5118:4119:56
16FridayApril 07 202304:3604:4606:0112:2415:5118:4119:57
17SaturdayApril 08 202304:3504:4506:0012:2415:5118:4219:57
18SundayApril 09 202304:3304:4305:5912:2315:5118:4219:58
19MondayApril 10 202304:3204:4205:5812:2315:5018:4319:58
20TuesdayApril 11 202304:3104:4105:5712:2315:5018:4319:59
21WednesdayApril 12 04:3004:4005:5612:2215:5018:4320:00
22ThursdayApril 13 202304:2904:3905:5512:2215:5018:4420:00
23FridayApril 14 202304:2804:3805:5412:2215:4918:4420:01
24SaturdayApril 15 202304:2704:3705:5312:2215:4918:4520:01
25SundayApril 16 202304:2604:3605:5212:2115:4918:4520:02
26MondayApril 17 202304:2504:3505:5112:2115:4918:4620:03
27TuesdayApril 18 202304:2304:3305:5012:2115:4818:4620:03
28WednesdayApril 19 202304:2204:3205:4912:2115:4818:4720:04
29ThursdayApril 20 202304:2104:3105:4912:2115:4818:4720:05
30Friday,April 21 202304:2004:3005:4812:2115:4718:4820:06

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Preparation For Ramadan In Riyadh

During Ramadan, all Muslims participate in day-long fasting. Therefore, you must have some preparation during this time. Riyadh holds prolonged summer weather. But this year, the weather forecast says, temperatures in Riyadh in March will be comfortable with a low of 16°C and a high of 28°C. So it would help if you had to prepare according to that. You might be thinking of drinking less water during the winter season. Still, it will not be a great idea because you must fill your water level as usual. Weather conditions might be easy for fasting, but you should make all the preparations to benefit your health. 

Cleaning And Decorating Your Home

To celebrate Ramadan this year, you should focus on cleaning and redecorating your home. It is important to Muslims. It will allow you to avoid all this hassle during Ramadan month.

Setting Up A Prayer Area

The places where you will pray must be clean and comfortable. However, Setting up an area for praying will allow you to have a fixed, neat, and clean place for prayer.

Shopping For Ramadan Items 

To celebrate Ramadan, you need to buy some items which will be required later. However, you must purchase prayer mats, dry foods, nutrition foods, etc. It is suggested that you should avoid shopping for unnecessary items during this month.

Organising Iftar Meals

You must have fresh and nutritious food during iftar time. In Riyadh, you should complete your food organising procedure half hour before iftar time. It is suggested that you should have a healthy meal during Ramadan.

Spiritual Benefits of Ramadan In Riyadh,

Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness. This month, special attention has been given to praise through prayer, internal peace, and dhikr. It helps to have a significant impact on your soul. It allows Muslims to calm their mind and help them to think clearly. During this Ramadan, you will avoid illegal work and help them avoid quarrelling or fighting.

Benefit Of Daily Prayer

The prayers (salah) will make a person Allah (SWT)-conscious. When a person prays five times a day, he will feel Allah (SWT)’s presence and the sense that Allah (SWT) is always watching Him. He is never hidden from the Almighty creator, even when alone. Therefore, Five times prayer will be an excellent physical exercise as well.


By following the significance of Ramadan, you can be self-disciplined. During Ramadan, you have to follow all the rules on due time. Therefore, it will be good practice to develop a disciplined system.

Fasting For Improved Physical Health 

Fasting is the finest way to come closer to Allah (SWT). Therefore, It is very beneficial for health too. Moreover, It can help you to improve in health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders. 

Popular Attractions During Ramadan in Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It holds many historical and famous places to visit. Therefore, many popular attractions, like malls, restaurants, and mosques, are available there. 

Shopping Malls In Riyadh

During Ramadan, the shopping mall is one of the best attractions. However, many malls are available in Riyadh, according to visitor reviews. Still, Kingdom Centre, Panorama Mall, Riyadh gallery mall, Hayat mall, and Granada centre are the most attractive. 

Historical And Cultural Attractions 

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The city itself is the witness to many Islamic histories. Therefore, some places might be interesting to you. Those are Ad Diriyah, Al Masmak Fortress, Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque, Wadi Namar, etc. 

Restaurants Serving Iftar Meals 

Almost every restaurant in Riyadh serves iftar meals during Ramadan. Therefore, only a few restaurants are at the top of customers’ choice: Kasbah Moroccan Lounge, II Baretto, Hotel Cartagena, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh Ramadan Tent, and many more. 

Places To Spend Time With Family 

Riyadh has many historical and cultural places. Therefore you can also visit restaurants and shopping malls. 

Food Donating During Ramadan,

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is farz to every wealthy Muslim. You might be considering visiting a new place this month. But some Muslim people around the world are suffering from food shortages. They have to fight for food to survive in this world. If you give something of your zakat for food donation, one of our Muslim brothers or sisters can have food.

  •  What Is The Ramadan Timetable For Ramadan? 

Ans: Ramadan will probably start on Thursday, March 23, 2023. 

  •  What Are Some Popular Attractions During Ramadan?

Ans: Kingdom centre tower, Edge of the world, National Museum, Al mask fortress, and King Abdullah park are popular attractions according to visitors’ choices and reviews. 

  • What Are Some Traditional Foods During Ramadan In Riyadh? 

Ans: Jalamah, Saleeg, Tharid, Matazeez, Qursan, and jeesh are some of the traditional foods of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Final Words From Us 

Ramadan is a time of blessing, mercy, kindness, and giving to the less fortunate. It is the month when we feel closer to each other and Allah (SWT) as Muslims. 

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