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Ramadan Timetable in France 2023: 10 Essential Tips From MATW France

Timetable for Ramadan

France is a non-muslim country. But being a non-muslim country, France contains 4-5.1% of Muslim people between them. Muslims of France celebrate Ramadan in their traditional way. By fasting, Muslims must be away from eating and drinking all day. They take their first meal at midnight, known as ‘suhoor,’ and begin their fast by praying the Fazar prayer. After passing the day without eating or drinking, they open their fast by ‘Iftar.’ But to celebrate Ramadan, one must learn about the Ramadan month’s schedule. 

Here is a Ramadan timetable for France, which is arranged for the Muslims of France (As Paris time). 


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Here one can find out the time for suhoor and iftar. 

There are important dates in the month of Ramadan which are not celebrated but are essential to remember. 

2nd Ramadan is marked by the Torah that was bestowed on Moses according to Islam.

18th Ramadan is marked by the Psalms (Zabur) given to David (Dawood).

The victory of Mecca by Muhammad marks the 20th Ramadan.

There is another crucial day celebrated by mu, the last ten days of Ramadan, the most important for a Muslim to celebrate. They celebrate ‘The Qadr Night or Laylat al-Qadr,’ when the Quran appears in this world to guide humankind. This day’s prayer is better than thousand days of prayer. 

Iftar Ideas For Ramadan

In Ramadan, most Muslims eat only two-time food. One is ‘suhoor,’ and another is ‘Iftar.’ People eat regular food during their suhoor time. France living people usually eat salad and rice with vegetables or meat for suhoor. 

But they try to make a good arrangement for iftar. Every Muslim follows a standard rule to open the fast. From Islamic history, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to open his fast with a date and water. France Muslims serve some typical food on their iftar table. These items are dates, water, kokum sharbat, green salad, bread with a dip, a small amount of rice with meat, and a sweet item.

They also serve some traditional cuisines. Some of them are Beef Bourguignon, Tarte Tatin, Salade Niçoise,Crème brûlée.

Let’s share a famous France sweet dish recipe for iftar:

The recipe of Crème brûlée:

  • First, beat the yolks until it gets smoother,
  • Secondly, add the sugar and cream,
  • Now add pure vanilla extract,
  • Then strain the liquid base to have a smooth mixer,
  • After that let up a water bath and prepare the bowls,
  • Pour the mixer into the bowl and bake it,
  • Take out from the water bath and down the temperature,
  • Then prepare to caramelize by sprinkling a good amount of sugar, shaking off the extra sugar,
  • Now turn the flame on!
  • Lightly torch the sugar,
  • Keep the flame moving,
  • The sugar will get dark and caramelized.

Now have to cool it down for some hour and serve it with a spoon. 

How To Be Productive Due Ramadan

Ramadan is a month when all Muslims celebrate by keeping fast. And fasting during the daytime is more challenging for any person. Specifically, France is a country with warm weather during this year’s Ramadan. For that, planning an advantage on those days will make fasting easy.

Organize The Day

There are some options to help organize a day:

  • Use a Ramadan Planner,
  • Collect the Ramadan calendar to know the correct time for suhoor and iftar,
  • Plan a good diet chart to maintain healthy food habits,
  • Try to store the groceries items that are necessary for making food.

Prioritize Your Tasks

  • Make a routine for balancing regular day work and Ramadan duties
  • Use the time to divide the work in a proper balance
  • Make a priority list to identify the essential work
  • Always keep exact time for prayer time,
  • Have extra time for reading the Quran. 
Daily Goals & Plan Your Suhoor

Ramadan is a 29/30 days long journey. So planning for Ramadan will help to balance daily life routines. There are some daily goals as a Muslim you have to maintain. For example: act your prayer, read Quran, and Donate to Muslim Charity. Besides all this work you also have to prepare meals twice- Iftar and suhoor. Muslims can prepare food for their suhoor at night. So they can enjoy warm food on the table. 

Socializing During Ramadan

(All points are combined here)

Ramadan is a month when people try to understand the deep feeling of humanity. In France, there are a small number of Muslim people. During Ramadan, they try to reach out to each other to celebrate the month together. They arrange in society iftar, so they all can sit together and enjoy the meal. Most of the mosques in France also arrange iftar for people away from their families or those who can’t go home to open their fast. 

Many Muslim friends and family gather in the city and invite each other to open fast with them. There is a saying by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), “Eat your meals together and mention the name of Allah (SWT) over it, for you will be blessed in it.”[Abu Dawud].  

They also gather money and perform Zakat and charity

Charity In France During Ramadan

In surah two, verse thirty-three, Allah (SWT) says: “And be steadfast in prayer; practice regular charity and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship).”Surah 2. Al-Baqara, Ayah 43

Different Types Of Charity 

There are three main kinds of charity during Ramadan. They are-

  •  Zakat (One of the five pillars of Islam),
  • Fidya (Which are replacements for fasting due to any emergency),
  • Sadaqah (The way by which you can also be blessed after you die).
Organizations In France

More than twelve organizations in France work for people in need. France Muslims can take their help to do their part of charity during Ramadan time.

How To Donate

There are many options to Donate to Muslim Charity. The French can donate Zakat to nearby people in need or take help from online organizations to pay the money and perform their duties. 

Ways To Support

During Ramadan, there are various ways to support others. Some of the methods are-

  • By Zakat,
  • Arranging iftar for the people in need,
  • Donating money to a mosque,
  • Help each other in any situation,
  • Donating money to nursing homes or orphans,
  • Making online donations to organizations. 


Q 1: When Does Ramadan Start In France? 

A 1: Ramadan begins on the evening of March 22, 2023 (based on the moon cycle). 

Q 2: How Long Does Ramadan Last In France? 

A 2: Ramadan lasts for 29 to 30 days. It is mainly dependent on the Lunar Calendar.

Q 3: How Do You Greet Someone During Ramadan? 

A 3: You can greet people by saying ‘Ramadan Kareem!’ or ‘Ramadan Mubarak.’  

Last Words

Ramadan is a month of blessing for many reasons. For that, keeping fast and obeying Islamic duties is necessary. France is a non-muslim country. Muslims can not take a break from their daily responsibilities. While fasting, maintaining a working or student life for a month is difficult. Hence, making a timetable for Ramadan can be beneficial for dealing with all day’s workload. 

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