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Ultimate Guide To Ramadan Calendar Uzbekistan With  MATW Middle East

Importance Of Ramadan In  Uzbekistan 

Uzbekistanis the origin of Islam. Therefore, it starts in the 9th month of the Arabic calendar. All Muslims from around the world will take part in Swam during this month. It is crucial to have a proper Ramadan calendar in Uzbekistan. However, The Quran comes from Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Ramadan is the month of mercy, blessings, and forgiveness. All Muslims pray this month in search of a Swab and forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Ramadan will help you to understand the hunger of poor Muslims from around the world.

Ramadan Calendar Uzbekistan

This year Ramadan will start on 23 March 2023 in Uzbekistan. Therefore, It is the month of forgiveness and mercy. Let’s see below to get the Ramadan timetable.

123, Thu04:4812:3015:5718:3720:07
224, Fri04:4612:3015:5818:3820:08
325, Sat04:4412:3015:5818:3920:09
426, Sun04:4212:3015:5918:4020:10
527, Mon04:4012:2915:5918:4220:12
628, Tue04:3812:2916:0018:4320:13
729, Wed04:3612:2916:0018:4420:14
830, Thu04:3412:2816:0118:4520:15
931, Fri04:3312:2816:0118:4620:16
1001, Sat04:3112:2816:0218:4720:17
1102, Sun04:2912:2816:0218:4820:18
1203, Mon04:2712:2716:0318:4920:19
1304, Tue04:2512:2716:0318:5020:20
1405, Wed04:2312:2716:0318:5120:21
1506, Thu04:2112:2616:0418:5220:22
1607, Fri04:1912:2616:0418:5320:23
1708, Sat04:1712:2616:0518:5420:24
1809, Sun04:1512:2516:0518:5620:26
1910, Mon04:1312:2516:0518:5720:27
2011, Tue04:1112:2516:0618:5820:28
2112, Wed04:0912:2516:0618:5920:29
2213, Thu04:0712:2416:0619:0020:30
2314, Fri04:0512:2416:0719:0120:31
2415, Sat04:0312:2416:0719:0220:32
2516, Sun04:0112:2416:0819:0320:33
2617, Mon03:5912:2316:0819:0420:34
2718, Tue03:5712:2316:0819:0520:35
2819, Wed03:5512:2316:0919:0620:36
2920, Thu03:5312:2316:0919:0720:37

Source Name: IslamicFinder

Significance Of Ramadan In  Uzbekistan 

The significance of Ramadan is the same everywhere. There are no specific rules for any particular country during this month. However, there are some benefits given by Uzbekistan during this month. Therefore, all place’s working hours are changed to two shifts. The first starts from 10:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M., and the second begins after the Al Isha prayer till 02:00 A.M. Restaurants and others open the doors ahead of the Al-Maghrib prayer. During Ramadan, you must leave bad habits and adapt to all good vibes.

Practices During Ramadan

Ramadan is the best time to leave your bad habits. However, During this Ramadan, you can start practicing prayer five times. Moreover, It will help you to come into a charity giving process. Therefore, it will assist you in maintaining your life in an Islamic way. It is suggested that you should start Ramadan planning earlier. 

Tips And Resources During Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of mercy and kindness. Therefore, all the procedures and resources are written in the Quran. It is suggested that you should have healthy foods during Ramadan. However, As you have a day-long fast, you should stay hydrated. 

Donate To Muslim Charity

Zakat is one of the most crucial parts of the five pillars of Islam. For celebrating Ramadan, you think of many plans like food, gifts, and other things. But some people from around the world are fighting for those basics. During this Ramadan, as a Muslim, you should help those people who are needy of your zakat Donation.


  • When Does Ramadan Start In  Uzbekistan?

Ans: Ramadan usually starts on the same day in Uzbekistanas the rest of the world. This year, Ramadan is expected to begin on March 23, 2023.

  • What Are Some Ramadan Activities That People Do In  Uzbekistan?

Ans: Some everyday activities include fasting, prayer, reciting the Quran, charity work, and attending tarawih prayers. 

  •  Are There Any Special Traditions For Ramadan In Target Products

Donate to Muslim Charity

The Final Word From Us Ramadan is the most crucial month for all Muslims. It is the month of helping the needy and asking for forgiveness and mercy from Allah (SWT).

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