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Ramadan 2023 Calendar: The Prayer & Iftar Times With MATW Middle East

Ramadan Overview

Ramadan is a month of blessing. This month all Muslims keep fast after eating suhoor and open their fast after eating Iftar. As per Ramadan 2023 UAE calendar, this year, Ramadan will start on March 23, 2023, and end on April 21, 2023.

Ramadan 2023 Start And End Dates

Muslims should know about the suhoor, Iftar, and prayers timetable to maintain a long day schedule. 

Here is a timetable for Ramadan. Which is arranged for the Muslims of UAE (As Dubai time). This can be changed according to the lunatic calendar. 

RamadanWeekdayMonthSuhoorFajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghrib/Iftar TimeIsha
1ThursdayMarch 23 202304:5205:0206:1612:2815:5318:3519:49
2FridayMarch 24 202304:5105:0106:1512:2815:5318:3519:49
3SaturdayMarch 25 202304:5005:0006:1412:2815:5318:3519:50
4SundayMarch 26 202304:4904:5906:1312:2715:5318:3619:50
5MondayMarch 27 202304:4804:5806:1212:2715:5318:3619:51
6TuesdayMarch 28 202304:4704:5706:1112:2715:5318:3719:51
7WednesdayMarch 29 202304:4604:5606:1012:2615:5318:3719:52
8ThursdayMarch 30 202304:4504:5506:0912:2615:5218:3819:52
9FridayMarch 31 202304:4404:5406:0812:2615:5218:3819:53
10SaturdayApril 01 202304:4204:5206:0712:2615:5218:3919:53
11SundayApril 02 202304:4104:5106:0612:2515:5218:3919:54
12MondayApril 03 202304:4004:5006:0512:2515:5218:3919:54
13TuesdayApril 04 202304:3904:4906:0412:2515:5218:4019:55
14WednesdayApril 05 202304:3804:4806:0312:2415:5118:4019:55
15ThursdayApril 06 202304:3704:4706:0212:2415:5118:4119:56
16FridayApril 07 202304:3604:4606:0112:2415:5118:4119:57
17SaturdayApril 08 202304:3504:4506:0012:2415:5118:4219:57
18SundayApril 09 202304:3304:4305:5912:2315:5118:4219:58
19MondayApril 10 202304:3204:4205:5812:2315:5018:4319:58
20TuesdayApril 11 202304:3104:4105:5712:2315:5018:4319:59
21WednesdayApril 12 04:3004:4005:5612:2215:5018:4320:00
22ThursdayApril 13 202304:2904:3905:5512:2215:5018:4420:00
23FridayApril 14 202304:2804:3805:5412:2215:4918:4420:01
24SaturdayApril 15 202304:2704:3705:5312:2215:4918:4520:01
25SundayApril 16 202304:2604:3605:5212:2115:4918:4520:02
26MondayApril 17 202304:2504:3505:5112:2115:4918:4620:03
27TuesdayApril 18 202304:2304:3305:5012:2115:4818:4620:03
28WednesdayApril 19 202304:2204:3205:4912:2115:4818:4720:04
29ThursdayApril 20 202304:2104:3105:4912:2115:4818:4720:05
30FridayApril 20 202304:2004:3005:4812:2115:4718:4820:06

Name- khaleej times



There can be a one or two-minute difference between Sehri’s end and Iftar’s start timing. The mosque will announce the right time and invite for prayer by ‘Azan.’

Features Of Ramadan

Ramadan brings many benefits for all Muslims. There are some significant features that Ramadan blesses with-

  • Spiritual reflections,
  • Developing good habits,
  • Being devoted to the path of Islam.

Traditional Customs In Ramadan

In Ramadan, Muslims try to keep and obey all the traditional customs. UAE, or the United Arab Emirates, is a Muslim-based country with 73.8% of the population. They celebrate Ramadan with much preparation. The traditional way to celebrate Ramadan. They are-

  • Eating suhoor,
  • Keeping fast for a day-long,
  • Drinking or eating anything during the fast is not allowed,
  • Daily act five of prayer,
  • Reading the Quran,

In the end, open Iftar with a glass of water and 3 to 4 dates.


In UAE, Muslims celebrate Ramadan with great joy. UAE Muslims gather family and friends to enjoy the grace of Ramadan with all people around. During Ramadan, Muslims can take advantages like- shortening work hours and others. 

Ramadan Outdoor Plans

As UAE is a Muslim-based country. So there are many activities to do during Ramadan in the UAE. 

10 Must-Visit Restaurants For Iftar And Suhoor
  • Sevilla,
  • Sufra,
  • LalQila Restaurant Dubai,
  • AL Rimal Restaurant,
  • Yalumba,
  • AL Ibrahimi Palace Restaurant,
  • Spice Island,
  • Ewaan,
  • Fairways,
  • Urban Kitchen.
Popular Mosques For Taraweeh

UAE is a country where they represent Islam to the world. For that, people should know about the popular mosques they can visit and act their Taraweeh prayer.

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque,
  • Grand Mosque of Dubai,
  • Jumeirah Mosque,
  • Iranian Mosque, Bur Dubai,
  • Al Bidya Mosque,
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Fujairah.
5 Must-Visit Markets For Shopping

Some famous shopping places where Muslims gather to purchase their eid shopping. 

  • Flea Market,
  • The Gold Souk,
  • Perfume Souk,
  • The Dubai Mall,
  • Global Village. 
Exciting Experiences For Visiting Dubai

In Dubai, Muslims can find some historical places they can visit and gather knowledge about Islam. The places are-

  • Burj Khalifa,
  • Dubai Museum,
  • Burj Al Arab,
  • Etihad Museum,
  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization,
  • Sheikh Zayed Road,
  • Sharjah Art Museum.
Ramadan Etiquette 

There is a saying that ‘Cleanliness is part of faith.’ In Islam, cleanliness and giving respect is a sensitive matter.

Eating Etiquette

There is some etiquette to maintain during eating. They are-

  • After ‘Suhoor,’ eating or drinking is not allowed,
  • At iftar time, be present at the table before ‘Magrib Azan’ starts,
  • Start with water and dates,
  • Keep your sleeve clean
  • Do not talk while eating. 
Social Etiquette

During Ramadan, a Muslim has to perform Islamic duties besides praying and fasting. Social gathering is a part of that. Again, many Muslims gather in one place and arrange iftar parties, suhoor parties, and charity events like Donate To Orphan. Also, they agree to get together in their houses with friends and families. This social etiquette is a way to improve their bond with each other. 

Cultural Etiquette

There is some common cultural etiquette for a Muslim during Ramadan. They are-

  • Greet each other with a salam,
  • After prayer, we can embrace each other and wish ‘Ramadan Mubarak.’
Gift Giving In Ramadan

There are many options for Ramadan gifts. Some Ramadan gift ideas are-

  • Ramadan month planner,
  • Date boxes,
  • Iftar gift boxes,
  • Dua Cards,
  • Ramadan calendar with skills for each day,
  • Chocolate and nuts box.
UAE Travel Tips

During Ramadan, many Muslim people visit UAE to celebrate “Umrah.” It is a minor Hajj for Muslims, and Ramadan is the ideal time to perform it. For that, due to Ramadan time, a significant number of tourists come to visit UAE or Saudi Arabia. Another reason to visit UAE any time is the shopping malls, eye-soothing sites, and the night show. 


To visit the UAE, you must start planning one month ago. There are some things you should maintain during the trip plan. 

Where To Stay

Some hotels in the UAE are affordable and provide excellent service. Some of the famous hotels are- 

  • City Seasons Al Hamra Hotel,
  • The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal
  • Al Raha Beach Hotel,
  • Southern Sun Abu Dhabi,
  • Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island.
Clothing Discipline

UAE airlines have strict rules for tourists. They must wear decent clothing while entering the country and have a good look during their stay in the UAE. Especially during Ramadan, you must wear clothes that will cover your body parts and give a decent vibe to the eyes. 


A person must carry some usual manners throughout their stay in UAE. They are-

  • Decent clothes to wear,
  • If anyone greets you with a salam, answer the person with a salam or say hello,
  • Do not drink or eat publicly during Ramadan.
Staying Hydrated

As it is the time of Ramadan, most people keep fast as the human body contains 60% of water. So they must take some precautions to stay hydrated during fasting. 

You have to drink as much water as possible during the summer. The amount of water can be lost in urine and sweat and restored from food and drinks. Also, drinking juice and eating water-containing fruit like watermelon can help a Muslim be hydrated for the whole day. 


Q 1: For How Long Does Ramadan Last In 2023?

Ans 1: Ramadan will start on March 23, 2023, and end on April 20, 2023(based on the moon cycle, the day can be increased to one day).  

Q 2: What Is The Significance Of Fasting During Ramadan In UAE?

Ans 2: Fasting is an essential religious practice during Ramadan and is seen as a way to show devotion to Allah (SWT). It also promotes a sense of brotherhood and increases spiritual satisfaction in humankind.

Q 3: Are There Public Holidays During Ramadan?

Ans 3: Yes, there are public holidays during Ramadan. People can enjoy a break from work and spend time with family and friends.

Final Words

Ramadan is a month of blessing. And UAE is a city for Muslim people. They decorate their town to represent Islam to the world. So Ramadan is like a big festival to them. It is the time to get a chance to get closer to Allah (SWT) and seek forgiveness for any sinful deeds. 

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