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Ramadan 2023 Calender France: Prepare For The Month With MATW France

Arrival Of Ramadan

Ramadan is the biggest celebration time for Muslims, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and the most blessed month of the year. In Ramadan, Muslims have to keep fast for the whole month. Where they keep fast, that starts from sunrise of the day to sunset. They have to avoid eating food and drinking water. This year as per the Ramadan 2023 Calender France probably, there will be twenty-nine to thirty days of fasting. 


To maintain a long day schedule, knowing the times of prayers, suhur, and iftar will help you plan the whole day and celebrate the greatness of Ramadan. 

Here is a timetable for Ramadan. Which is arranged for the Muslims of France (As Paris time). 


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There is a difference in both as Sehri ends and iftar starts timing. It can be one minute earlier or one minute late in your area. The mosque will announce the right time and invite for prayer by ‘Azan.’

Travel Advice

There is another thing to worry about. Many Muslims have to travel due to the time of Ramadan. But during fasting, it is challenging to fast for the whole day. If any Muslim does not want to keep fast during their travelling time, there are some conditions to follow. 

  • Travelling to somewhere (minimum of 44 km),
  • The travel should be related to work,
  • Vacation or the enjoyable journey will not be counted,
  • The person who misses the fast has to fulfil the fast after Ramadan or have to perform the fidya.

Culinary Customs And Regulations

Iftar is a big part of Ramadan celebrations. In France, many Muslims do not live there but try to mix their daily diet with traditional Ramadan foods. There are a few conditions to be the right food for a Muslim.

  • The food should be Halal,
  • It should be free from alcohol,
  • Start with some comfort food, like dates. 

National Holiday In France

Since France is a non-muslim country, they have their national holiday during Ramadan. This year they will celebrate ‘Easter Monday’ as the national holiday between Ramadan. 

Importance Of Celebrations

France is a catholic based country. In this country, more than 46% of the population is catholic (As per the report 2021). So ‘Easter Monday’ is a national holiday in this country. The people celebrate this occasion by going to church. Also, they gather with friends and family. Eat their traditional food and drink wine. 

Significance Of Ramadan

For all Muslims, Ramadan is a month full of blessings. There are several reasons to mark this month as the month of purity. 

Religious Background

Ramadan is declared the holiest month among all other months in Islam. There is a specific reason why this month is so blessed. This month, our ‘Holy Quran’ was sent down from Heaven to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a guide for human beings. Muslims celebrate that night by praying for the whole night to Allah (SWT) and reading the holy Quran. 

This special night is called ‘The Qadr Night or Laylat al-Qadr,’ which means the night of praying to Allah (SWT). But the day of prayer is not fixed. Muslims pray this prayer on any odd-numbered night during the last ten days of Ramadan. These days prayer is better than a thousand months of praying.

Significance Of France

France is a country of food, fashion, and love. It is a non-muslim country. But in France, 4-5.1% of people are Muslim. You can find pure Ramadan spirit in those communities. They celebrate the month of blessing in the proper way of Islam even though some famous mosques in France hold the ‘Taraweeh prayer’ during Ramadan. 

Spiritual Benefits

Ramadan allows us to refresh our contact with Allah (SWT). In Ramadan, the devil can act less than in the other months of the year. People also follow the path of Islam along with their other daily routines. Ramadan brings us a lot of spiritual benefits, which helps Muslims to calm their mind and help them to think clearly. They try to avoid illegal work, which also helps them avoid quarreling or fighting, which helps to purify the soul and lead to a better way of living. Reading the Quran and regularly praying to Allah (SWT) also brings more satisfaction in life. 

Delusion About Ramadan

Though Ramadan is a month of purity, there needs to be more clarity about it.

Common Misconceptions And Explanations

Some serious things need to be clarified about Ramadan. 

  • Many people think that fasting is a one-day thing. But, no Muslim has to continue fasting due to ‘Suhur’ to ‘Iftar’ for thirty days. 
  • Some people think Muslims can eat during their fast. But, no, a Muslim has to prevent himself from eating and drinking. 
  • There is a misconception about eating pork or any alcohol. But for a Muslim, pork and alcohol are forbidden. Even the food they eat has to be a portion of halal food. 
  • Many people think keeping fast helps to make a diet plan. But no. In Islam, Ramadan is a way to understand the pain of needy people. And also helps to refresh the Islamic soul of a person. 
Benefits Of Ramadan

Ramadan is the most important month for any Muslim. Besides that, Ramadan brings benefits:

  • Ramadan helps to create a balanced diet,
  • It helps to connect with Allah (SWT),
  • Awake humanity,
  • Refresh the term of being a Muslim. 
Visiting Rules Due Ramadan

Islam is one of the respected religions. Where Muslims should carry the purest soul. Due to Ramadan month, foreigners should follow some rules to visit any Muslim area in France:

  • They should wear decent clothes
  • Due to Ramadan time, mosques are off-limits to visit
  • They participate in donation works. For example: Donate to Orphans,
  • To avoid eating or drinking publicly during the daytime.


Q 1: Is There An Official Ramadan Holiday?

Ans: No, there is no official Ramadan holiday in France.

Q 2: Are Restaurants Open During Ramadan In France?

Ans: Yes, restaurants open during Ramadan in France. Even some specific restaurants publish Ramadan special menus.

Q 3: Is There A Dress Code For Visiting Mosques In France?

Ans: There is a dress code for visiting Mosques in France. 

Some Last Words

Ramadan is a month when Muslims love obeying Islam’s rules. They feel a great connection with Allah (SWT) by praying, reading the Quran, etc. Because of fasting, people bring their small communities together and celebrate the happiness of Ramzan together. 

France is not a Muslim-based country, but in Ramadan, they feel the power of positivity in the air, which helps others learn about Islam, increases the circle of friendship, and brings happiness together. 

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