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Ramadan 2023 Calendar for Australia: What to Expect and Plan With MATW Australia

Ramadan 2023 Calender

Ramadan is Islam’s holy month. It starts in the 9th month of the Arabic Calendar. Therefore, this year Ramadan will begin on March 23, 2023, and end on April 21, 2023, in Australia. Ramadan 2023 calendar Australia start and finishing date will depend on the moon sighting.

RamadanWeekdayMonthSuhurFajrSunriseDhuhrAsrMaghrib/Iftar TimeIsha
1Thursday,March 23, 2023,04:5205:0206:1612:2815:5318:3519:49
2Friday,March 24, 202304:5105:0106:1512:2815:5318:3519:49
3Saturday,March 25, 2023,04:5005:0006:1412:2815:5318:3519:50
4Sunday,March 26, 2023,04:4904:5906:1312:2715:5318:3619:50
5Monday,March 27, 2023,04:4804:5806:1212:2715:5318:3619:51
6Tuesday,March 28, 2023,04:4704:5706:1112:2715:5318:3719:51
7WednesdayMarch 29, 2023,04:4604:5606:1012:2615:5318:3719:52
8Thursday,March 30, 2023,04:4504:5506:0912:2615:5218:3819:52
9FridayApril 01, 202304:4404:5406:0812:2615:5218:3819:53
10SaturdayApril 02, 202304:4204:5206:0712:2615:5218:3919:53
11SundayApril 03, 202304:4104:5106:0612:2515:5218:3919:54
12MondayApril 04, 202304:4004:5006:0512:2515:5218:3919:54
13TuesdayApril 05, 202304:3904:4906:0412:2515:5218:4019:55
14WednesdayApril 06, 202304:3804:4806:0312:2415:5118:4019:55
15ThursdayApril 07, 202304:3704:4706:0212:2415:5118:4119:56
16FridayApril 08, 202304:3604:4606:0112:2415:5118:4119:57
17SaturdayApril 09, 202304:3504:4506:0012:2415:5118:4219:57
18SundayApril 10, 202304:3304:4305:5912:2315:5118:4219:58
19MondayApril 11, 202304:3204:4205:5812:2315:5018:4319:58
20TuesdayApril 13, 202304:3104:4105:5712:2315:5018:4319:59
21WednesdayApril 12 04:3004:4005:5612:2215:5018:4320:00
22ThursdayApril 14, 202304:2904:3905:5512:2215:5018:4420:00
23FridayApril 15, 202304:2804:3805:5412:2215:4918:4420:01
24SaturdayApril 16, 202304:2704:3705:5312:2215:4918:4520:01
25SundayApril 17, 202304:2604:3605:5212:2115:4918:4520:02
26MondayApril 18, 202304:2504:3505:5112:2115:4918:4620:03
27TuesdayApril 19, 202304:2304:3305:5012:2115:4818:4620:03
28WednesdayApril 20, 202304:2204:3205:4912:2115:4818:4720:04
29ThursdayApril 21, 202304:2104:3105:4912:2115:4818:4720:05
30FridayApril 21 202304:2004:3005:4812:2115:4718:4820:06

Source Name Aladhan 



Public Holidays In Australia During Ramadan 2023

Well, Ramadan starts is not a public holiday in Australia. Therefore, as Ramadan’s timetable depends on the moon sighting, the holiday timetable might change. Thus, Saturday and Sunday is the weekly holiday in Australia. Moreover, let’s see what other public holidays exist during Ramadan 2023.

National Holiday in Ramadan 2023

During Ramadan 2023, From March 23 To April 21, there are two national holidays.

7 AprilFridayGood FridayNational Holiday
10 AprilMondayEaster MondayNational Holiday

Regional Holidays in Ramadan 2023 for A

Australia is a multicultural country. Almost every religion is available there. Therefore in this Ramadan 2023, there are some regional holidays public there those are: 

2 AprilSundayPalm SundayChristian
6 AprilThursdayMaundy ThursdayChristian
6 AprilThursday First Day PassoverJewish 
13 AprilThursdayLast Day Of PassoverJewish
17 AprilMondayLaylatul QadrMuslim
18 AprilTuesdayYom HashoahJewish

Ramadan Special Events

Ramadan is the spiritual month of Islam. Each day is remarkable during this month. Therefore, many events occurred during this month. Let’s see the special events in Ramadan:

  • The Revelation of the Quran.
  • Laylatul-Qadr.
  • The Passing of Khadijah (RA) and Abu Talib
  • Victory at Battle of Badr
  • Conquest of Mecca
  • Muslim Conquest of Andalusia
  • Battle of Ain Jalut
  • Battle of Hattin

Cultural Celebrations

Ramadan is a month of unity, humanity, and mercy. During this month, Muslims participate in their day-long fasting. However, this month, wealthy Muslims pay zakat to the poor and helpless people. All the Muslims participate in iftar along with their family. It will allow you to come closer to Allah (SWT).

Local Gatherings

Ramadan is a holy month of Islam. It is the time when Muslims come into systematic life. However, Ramadan allows you to gather with your Mates and relatives together. During this time, Muslims usually invite their Mates and family for gatherings.

Religious Activities

During Ramadan, Muslims take part in many religious activities. Therefore, To come closer to Allah (SWT), they participate in daylong fasting, five times prayer, Taraweeh, Suhoor, Iftar, zakat, and many more.

Ramadan Customs

Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness, and kindness. There may be no specific rules for outfits during Ramadan. Therefore there are some rules for wearing clothes for every man to have cover from their belly buttons to their knees. Moreover, Sheila has to cover most of their body, hands, and face.

Fast For Charity

Ramadan is not only for asking forgiveness from Allah (SWT)It also makes you realise that you can understand hunger and thirst’s pain. You can donate zakat this time. They are poor and needy people. You may be fasting for a month, but they suffer from hunger several times yearly. By Donating to zakat online, you can easily participate in helping those people. 

Gifts For Family And Mates 

During Ramadan, gifts to family and Mates are a tradition in Islam. Muslims give presents to each other to celebrate this spiritual month. It allows Muslims to bond with their mates, family, and mates.

Special Prayers 

During the holy Ramadan, Muslims participate in a special prayer called Tarawih. It is very beneficial for every Muslim in this world. Participating in Tarawih will allow you to listen to the Holy Quran. Therefore it will let you adhere to two Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). 

Preparation Of Ramadan

Ramadan month is different from other months in Islam. Therefore, I suggest you start your Ramadan plan early to participate this month. However, You should begin by avoiding bad habits from yourself. Moreover, you must be conscious about healthy nutrition foods and daily routines.

Diet and Exercise

Across the whole month of Ramadan, you need to fast from sunrise to sunset. It is essential that you have to take care of your food and nutrition issues. You should follow some particular food chart while you are fasting. However, It is suggested that you take whole-grain and nutritious foods like oats, vegetables, Fresh fruits, etc. Moreover, It is recommended that you do cardio workouts, which will allow you to lose muscle while fasting.

Charity And Community Ties

Charity or zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and charity donations will allow you to build community ties. However, when you give to charity online, you are helping people worldwide who are deprived of necessities. Your single donation can save them from staying in this world for humanity. 


Q. At What Age Do Children Typically Begin Fasting?

Ans: Children are bound to fast when they age about 11 or 12. It is farz for every Muslim child to participate in Ramadan fasting after adulthood. 

Q. What Are The Spiritual Requirements Of Ramadan?

Ans: Fasting means avoiding food, drink, and sexual relations from before the first light of dawn until the sun’s setting. Across Ramadan reward for every excellent Activity will be Increased by 70 times more.

Q. What Is The Ramadan Plan?

Ans: Ramadan plan is a structure by which you can easily participate in fasting without difficulties. However, the Ramadan plan should include health and well-being, Daily life schedule, zakat planning, etc.

Last Words From Us

Ramadan is a particular month for every Muslim. It has a lot of significant benefits during the whole month. This year, during Ramadan 2023 in Australia, you should start preparing. From March 23, 2023, Ramadan will probably begin depending on the moon sighting.