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Lebanon Home Restoration

Assalamu Alaikom MATW Family!

Our team in Lebanon has been working day and night to help restore the lives of the people impacted by the country’s ongoing crisis.   Thanks to your generous donations, our home restoration project has transformed the lives of many.

Due to the Beirut Blast, approximately 300,000 people suffered damage to their homes with many forced to live without windows, roofs and doors; exposed to the natural elements of rain and heat.  Our team has been helping those in need with replacing shattered glass, broken doors and structural damage.

Most of the beneficiaries of this program have been the elderly, families living in poverty and the disabled.  Please help us reach as many people as possible, before winter sets in and they are left vulnerable to the harshness of the cold.

Check out some images from the field below and donate a home repair here!

MATW INTERNATIONAL LTD with ABN 60610666325 is a Charity and Public Benevolence Institution (PBI) dedicated to assisting the needy in Australia and abroad

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