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Allah’s mercy is beyond belief!

As-salam wa-alaikum MATW fam!

I spoke to a friend recently who was feeling weighed down by his sins, he felt that his chances of making it to Jannah as slim to none! This brother had all but lost hope, and we talked for almost an hour about Allah SWT and His mercy and forgiveness.

First off, Allah SWT has carved into His own throne words that will stand for all time, they will never be changed. He has put “My Mercy Overcomes My Anger” above His own throne.

What does that mean? That means if Allah SWT has a reason to be angry with you, but He also has a reason to have mercy on you, the mercy will ALWAYS overcome and prevail over the anger. This is an unbreakable rule that all of creation is built on.

113 out of the 114 chapters of the Quran start with “In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Especially Merciful” – so without even reading the chapters, you know that Allah SWT is reminding you 113 times of His mercy. Actually is 226 times, because He says “Arrahman” and “Arraheem”.

But here is a hadith that gives me so much hope, for myself and for us all!

Check this out:

On the authority of Uqbah ibn Amir (may Allah be pleased with him), who said:

I heard the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: Your Lord delights at a shepherd who, on the peak of a mountain crag, gives the call to prayer and prays. Then Allah (glorified and exalted be He) say: Look at this servant of Mine, he gives the call to prayer and performs the prayers; he is in awe of Me. I have forgiven My servant [his sins] and have admitted him to Paradise. It was related by an-Nasa’i with a good chain of authorities.

This about the example of this simple Shepheard. All he did was stand on top of a mountain with his flock of sheep, and the time for prayer came. He made the call to prayer, and completed his compulsory prayer. He went back to tending the flock, he probably had some lunch at some point, and he went home that day and slept in his bed like he always does. That day may have been nothing special at all in his mind. But something special did happen that day, that the shepheard will never realise until the day of judgement. In that moment, Allah SWT decided to forgive all of this man’s sins and admit him to paradise. Subhan Allah!

So never lose hope in Allah’s mercy. His mercy is something that cannot be measured or counted, except by Him.

And don’t forget the engraving above the throne… So if you do feel that it’s too hard, or that it’s hopeless, all you have to do is give Allah SWT one reason to forgive you. Do one good deed immediately. SMS your mother to say that you love her. Say hi to your neighbour. Or make a quick donation to someone who you’ll never meet who hasn’t eaten for days.

We never know what small act of good might make Allah SWT give us an “instant pass” and you can go straight to Jannah in sha Allah.

Do as much as you can! Click here to start with one simple act of kindness.

Ahmed Bassal

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